World’s First SSD with Embedded AI for Real Time Protection Against Cyber-attacks




The cybersecurity of today depends solely on software. Projected by Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrimes will increase exponentially from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion by 2021. The current software approach is just insufficient. For example, whenever there is a new type of ransomware, it always takes hours (or days) for the security software to update and synchronize their library with the cloud but your data could have been compromised in just minutes. SSD has become the primary storage over the HDD. As an SSD solution provider, we have the opportunities and the advantages to build security into our SSD, to cover the shortcomings of the potentially vulnerable software defense at the system level. With the powerful microprocessor and hardware sensors, our SSD can run sophisticated AI algorithms to perform real-time monitoring to detect all the anomalies in data access patterns or any signs of compromise, while carrying out other tasks in parallel. It uses self-learning AI that learns the user’s activities & behaviors and captures security threats based on its definitive patterns. So, it can detect unknown threats like new ransomware using our patented AI algorithm in real-time instead of relying on the frequent updates which create opportunities for new ransomware to break in. Our solution works for computers, servers, and other systems. Our customer base includes manufacturers for pc/laptop/server, equipment manufacturers for industrial, medical, automotive, and enterprises especially in the logistics, healthcare, and financial services industries in which are often targeted by cyber-attackers.


While the host software will have no direct means of interaction with the SSD firmware, our solution with the embedded AI offers real-time security monitoring that can detect suspicious behavior and act accordingly to the level of danger instantly. Besides, with the built-in hardware sensors like thermal sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, our SSD offers protection against large arrays of alternative threats on a hardware level even through physical attacks.  The main features include: X-GUARD THREAT LOCK for data protection against ransomware, malware, virus, etc. X-STREAM PROTECTION for signal communication security against threats like side-channel attacks X-FACTOR ENCRYPTION LOCK for authentication and security key protection KEYCODE PRO-X to disable firmware update attacks by requiring unique single-use encryption and decryption keys to be securely signed before a firmware update is allowed to proceed X-SITE SECURE is the first and last level of defense against physical attacks on your data by monitoring the power, temperature & physical movement of your devices and act accordingly when threats detected X-FILE FORENSIC AGENT to keep track of audit trails in data security So, our solution offers protection at the closest-proximity to the data with the real-time security, which the system-level security software just can’t offer.


All computers, laptops, servers, equipment, and devices that use SSD as a data storage device can make full use of our cybersecurity SSD as the last line of defense for their data, to protect against the evolving cyber threats. Even for the systems that already have security software running at system level, our cybersecurity SSD adds a deeper layer of security which is useful to reduce the dependence on the potentially vulnerable security software at system level.


For manufacturers for pc/laptop/server, our product will help them to differentiate their products from the competitions by having our AI-enabled SSD that defense against cyberattacks in real-time. They can also sell their products with a better margin by having this new selling point which is extremely useful for their customers. For equipment manufacturers serving different markets like industrial, medical, and automotive, our product can help to strengthen the security level of the equipment to meet the market expectations and to prevent the enormous loss due to cyber-attack. For enterprise customers, especially from logistics, healthcare, and financial services industries that are often targeted by cyber-attackers, our product can help to protect them against cyber attacks, which typically cost them millions of dollars or even more.