SAAS platform for effortless critical communications, alerting and safety




Secapp is a SAAS platform for effortless critical communications, alerting and safety helping professionals to respond to emergencies and manage critical operations. Secapp can broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All in a platform where the data remains secure and owned by the customer. Our mission with Secapp is to help professionals improve safety, save lives and manage critical operations with ease. Secapp reduces even 90% of time needed to spend on a phone or communications. It replaces traditional pagers, phone calls and instant messaging apps helping to comply with privacy regulations.  Secapp is provided mainly as a private cloud SAAS (software as a service). It has alternatives for self-hosted and white label versions. Secapp is used by over 90 000 professionals from over 600 organizations including hospitals, fire and rescue, cities, government, schools, shopping centers, telecom operators, harbours, oil, chemical, food and other production industries and security companies.


1.  Dispatching and paging of workforce with ease: - One-click alerting demanding instant response - Secure two-way communications - from easy-to-use dispatch center - Geofencing capabilities 2. Crisis communications and mass messaging - Increase preparedness and alert people in seconds! - Alert templates, up-to-date contact details, user availability, infrastructure and asset data and capabilities  - Priority-based alerting that can bypass mute settings - Messages sent to correct individuals based on skills, availability or location - Works with all devices and channels such as: Native apps (Android, iOS, Windows), SMS, robot calls, email and TETRA network  3. Mobile checklists - Forget unnecessary paperwork for daily checks and collect critical data within minutes - Customizable task and checklists decrease paperwork and increase information availability - Create and export reports for high-level decision-making 4. Personnel and premises safety - Mobile panic buttons, geofencing and integrations for automated alerting - Versatile tools for improving personnel and premises safety: Mobile panic buttons and dead man's switch - Automatically triggered messages bringing people to safety - Easy-to-use integrations into different safety systems 5. Secapp Chat and Meet functions - Secure conversations and videoconferencing! - Alert-specific, one-on-one and group conversations: text, voice, photos and video - Video meetings, consultations and information sharing  ADVANTAGES OF SECAPP: - Fast, reliable and secure two-way communication - Does not require new devices to operate - Quick set up  - Not vulnerable as traditional single technology solutions when it comes to network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism, or limitations set by different environments


The Secapp platform is used by private and public entities and authorities: - Healthcare and hospitals  - Fire & Rescue - Security and property - Voluntary organizations - Personnel and property safety - Fire and rescue services - Oil, mining, chemistry and food industry - Critical infrastructure owners - Cities and municipalities - Educational institutions - Media, high technology and device vendors - IT software and service providers Secapp provides efficiency in critical communications to: - React to unexpected situations such as extreme weather conditions, accidents, fires, medical emergencies, terrorism, threats, vandalism, civil unrests in seconds - Page personnel to prepare for shortage of skilled individuals - to fill in a work shift, alert and coordinate quickly - Make sure communication never goes unnoticed and reaches the right people  - Enhance personnel and premises safety with fast two-way communication, featuring mobile panic buttons, dead man's switch, geofencing and integrations for automated alerting - Automatically trigger messages bringing people to safety - Exchange vital information between relevant stakeholders ranging from authorities to critical infrastructure owners and private organizations - Meet the regulatory and legislative requirements for safety and privacy - Provide the best available tools for authority / professional communications through professional app ecosystem - Document and report effectively: to keep up-to-date information regarding critical operations, infrastructure, assets and capabilities The platform can be integrated with other applications and allow users to connect into different personnel safety devices, building safety systems to combine all relevant alert information to a centralized system.


Secapp platform: a critical communications tool to save time and money - Easy one-click alerting will save significant time and resources: Based on customer feedback from University Hospital of Kuopio, Secapp can reduce 90% of time needed to spend on a phone or other communications devices trying to reach people. - Documentation and reporting can be done within minutes: During COVID-19 pandemic, Secapp checklists have been used to create a situational awareness picture of hospitals and regions (# of confirmed infections per hospital, availability of ICUs, hospital beds, protective gear). The combined daily reports from those checklists has been sent to the Ministry of Health to support national level decision-making in Finland. - Secapp helps broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect and share critical data in addition to providing a platform where data remains secure - Guarantees reachability with multichannel communication: helps save lives in emergencies and catastrophes - Saves monetary resources by replacing traditional communication methods, such as phone calls and text messages that are charged based on transaction amounts - Helps protect your reputation with planned and organized crisis communication - Allows multichannel communication through all devices and technologies - does not require new devices to operate - Helps improve your organization’s situational awareness and deliver information on who is reacting and how, information on their location, specific professional skills and availability - Allows efficient information sharing between separate entities using the Secapp platform, increasing cooperation across different community and governmental functions “One of our head nurses said that never before has she fallen in love with an application but she is in love with this one“ - Marika Heiskanen from the Emergency Medical Services, South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (ESSOTE), Finland EXAMPLE OF SECAPP RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) BY COST SAVINGS  These examples show return on investment (ROI) when Secapp is compared to the most common systems that customers have in place. These cost savings do not take into account all benefits that Secapp features provide: in practice it can save human lives by faster response. Customer Value 1: Personnel time savings. Alerting and paging people daily and especially in larger scale situations can take up even 7-8 hours. For instance, if you need to reach 100 people and each call lasts 5 min it takes 500 mins (over 8 hours) to reach all of them. This is a sunk cost of $120-240 / day / person due to time spent on manual alerting. By sending SMS or group messages the services still lack the ability to track and share: who has replied and how they can react to the situation? A lot of valuable time is lost. With Secapp alerting takes only a matter of seconds and it compiles quick replies, so that the dispatcher knows who can react in what way. The root-cause question is: How many people have you allocated to un-automated communication? That is your cost saving from the first day you take Secapp into use. Customer value 2: Transaction based costs vs fixed costs and unlimited messaging. Quite often SMS solutions are used for personnel alerting. Solutions relying only on SMS are really expensive due to transaction cost: each message costs separately + is limited to 160 characters. For instance, if SMS costs $0.12 / message and message length would be longer 160 characters it would mean that each message would cost  $0.24 / message per person. If the personnel amount is, for example, 300 persons, a single message to all employees costs around $70 € ($0.24/message x 300 persons). Assuming that during normal operation 60 messages are sent per week it would mean SMS cost on a weekly level: $4,300 / monthly level: $17,000 / yearly level: $205,500. In contrast, a monthly subscription of Secapp including all data based messaging (i.e. app, email + TETRA) is less than using SMS messages for a few days.