Actiste: Data-driven solutions for smarter treatment of diabetes




Brighter develops solutions for data-driven and mobile healthcare. The aim is to improve the efficiency of the health and treatment data flow between patient and care provider to optimize the management of chronic conditions. The feedback on user generated treatment and health data are crucial for the effective and successful treatment of diabetes. Without regular and reliable information care providers only gain a partial picture of the condition of their patients. This can mean treatment is ineffective or incorrect and that the patient can develop problematical diabetes-related complications.  Actiste is the world’s first medical device solution that combines all the functions required to monitor and treat insulin therapy diabetes in a mobile-connected device. According to a user study by the company, Actiste can reduce the number of steps needed to measure and treat by 67%. The device also contains patented technology that measures the actual dose injected into the body, compared to equivalent solutions on the market that log the dosage set, instead. The technology enables patients and care providers to gain access to more valid treatment data via the company’s solution than what has previously been possible.  Actiste has been CE certified, is pending approval in several markets in Southeast Asia.  Brighter operates in Europe and GCC,  is now setting up operations in Asia with initial operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Brighter is looking for partners such as mobile network operators, healthcare and telehealth, and insurance providers, to improve the life of diabetes patients.


Actiste is designed to manage most of the self-monitoring processes and treatment of insulin dependent diabetes via a single mobile connected tool. Measurement of glucose levels, injections of insulin and the automatic logging and time stamping of all activities are done in this one device.  Actiste reduces the steps for insulin treatment and blood glucose readings by up to 67% compared to corresponding solutions on the market, according to internal user studies performed by the Company – from 28 steps to 9. Through Actiste Diabetes Management as a Service, Brighter develops a service for sharing treatment and measurement data between patients and health care stakeholders. Patients get a single device with recurring deliveries of consumables for self-management of diabetes. Health care professionals will be offered tools to monitor and support patients managing their chronic conditions that will augment their ability to support the patients. Actiste Diabetes Management brings benefits along the entire healthcare chain through a device, a healthcare service for monitoring the patients, and a companion app. Together these parts form the Benefit loop. The Actiste start kit comes with the Actiste device, test strips, needles and lancets, a quick guide, a user manual, and a cable & charger. Actiste users can set up their profile, reminders, and more with the Actiste Companion app.


The Southeast Asian markets are very different looking both at healthcare spending and diabetes prevalence. The four initial markets Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia together have around 20 million people suffering from Diabetes and 40% of these are depending on daily insulin injections and blood glucose metering to stay active. Prevalence ranges from almost 17% in Malaysia to 4% in Myanmar due to different income levels and lifestyles.  The people that can benefit the Actiste services are the many who suffer from diabetes. Actiste today is the only solution in Southeast Asia that measures, treats, as well as shares data between patients, healthcare professionals, and other caregiver stakeholders securely and independently. Through adopting Actiste Diabetes Management, data will be generated to help healthcare professionals to develop new chronic disease treatments. As healthcare professionals will be able to remotely follow-up patients blood glucose values as well as injected insulin or oral medications, there will be possibility to learn in detail the effect of different drug treatment regimes. In addition, since stakeholders get access to the behaviour of patients, new incentive schemes for compliance can be constructed e.g insurance premium subsidies.


Stay in control of blood glucose levels and injected  insulin doses, add lifestyle data, and get a clear  overview of important treatment data – all with the  same mobile-connected device and Companion app.   Actiste is a combined product and service that  includes a lancet, blood glucose meter and insulin  pen in a single device. Designed to simplify everyday  life for people with insulin-treated diabetes. Actiste is compact, easy to use and has smart compartments for test strips, lancets and needles.  Simplify. Actiste reduces the number of steps in daily diabetes  care by 67%*, as the necessary treatment functions are  combined in the same device. Test strips, lancets and needles  are automatically re-ordered and delivered.  Measure. Actiste is designed to minimize the discomfort of  blood sampling, requiring only a small amount of blood for  accurate glucose measurements.  Inject. Keep full control over the volume of insulin doses and  the time of injecting. With Actiste’s built-in sensor, the exact  injected dose is displayed and saved. Save. All treatment data and times are saved automatically  and synced with the Companion app via Actiste’s in-built  mobile connection. Meals, workouts and other events can  also be saved.   Overview. Get a clear overview of blood glucose readings and  insulin doses through Actiste and the Companion app. The  goal is to provide users with insights into how lifestyle control.   Share. Download reports of all recorded treatment data to  easily track progress and spot opportunities for improving  treatment.