TECH OFFER Game-Based Data Literacy Education Integrated with School Curriculum




A Smart Nation and Digital Economy neccessitates a data-literate community. Embracing data literacy should rightfully start with students, as they will be the pioneers of our digital future. Unfortunately, there are currently few tools that impart data literacy in a fun and engaging manner to students. Additionally, the tools in the market merely impart analytical skills with no relation to existing academic rigour or curriculum. Thus, we aspire to pursue these opportunities through a two-pronged solution. Our platform introduces fun, interactive, and strategic games that impart data literacy to students for a data-driven future. These games are specially crafted in-line with Singapore's MOE (Ministry of Education) academic curriculum. While being entertained through gamification, students are able to: Learn school subjects such as Geography, Social Studies, and Accounting, and also Simultaneously train their analytical thinking. From our user tests and feedback sessions with 51 students and 4 teachers from 2 schools and 2 representatives from MOE, we have received good feedback and market validation. We are currently in the process of collaborating with more schools to build more traction and also undergo more user testing for our games.  Ultimately, we envision to release our games onto MOE's SLS (Student Learning Space). We are also very open to collaborating with other educational institutes or organizations that exist outside of the MOE framework and curriculum.


We aspire to introduce web-based games that: Impart analytical thinking and data literacy within the context of school curriculum (as mentioned above) Contain randomized levels/scenarios for dynamic, distinctive gameplay, keeping learning fresh Accomodate customizable parameters for educators to add more variety to their lessons and create their own assignments: Level / Scenario Builder Lesson Content Builder  (Text, Videos, Forms) Asset Creation / Import Analytics dashboarding tools to assess student learning Stimulate competition amongst students with leaderboards and achievements


Various industries can take advantage of this solution. Some examples include: Schools where there are sufficient interest in formally adopting to conduct lessons incorporating data literacy skills. It can also be used as a platform for gamified projects and assignments. Tuition centres who want to adopt novel methods of teaching and learning to stimulate interest beyond the classroom. There is also interest in showcasing this platform for urban planning festivals specially curated for secondary school and pre-university students, to excite them about urban planning through workshops, talks and other activities. In general, teachers and urban planners would be able to see a wider range of facilities that have larger effects on liveability, such as parks, as well as upgrading of the visuals from 2D to 3D to enable more spatial possibilities. This can be added in the future.


Enhancing interactivity and engagement of teaching Impart data literacy and analytical thinking to students Improve and reinforce learning outcomes of students Increase students' overall interest and competence in technology