Artificial Intelligence Based Music Classification, Search and Playlisting Tool


Infocomm - Speech/Audio Processing
Infocomm - Artificial Intelligence


This technology offer is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can listen to music tracks, and is able to recognise thousands of musical features from every audio track, such as tempo, genre, mood, key, etc. It can thus categorise music quickly, and with an accuracy of greater than 90%. Highly accurate tagging, precise musical feature-based search, and personalised auto-playlisting at scale are now made possible for music database/catalogue owners.


Our AI engine is able to tag music automatically, quickly and accurately. Over 1 million songs can be automatically tagged per day. Users can choose from ready-made tags, or request a custom build to suit their database. In addition, we provide greater search capabilities - users can do audio searches by providing reference tracks, so that tracks with similar features can be found easily. With these capabilities, we are able to offer highly customised playlist functions, to give every listener a personalised streaming experience.


This technology offer is suitable for music database/catalogue owners seeking to augment their technological capabilities. 

  • Accurate, Automated Music Tagging 

An accurately tagged music database has a multitude of benefits, such as, improving the catalogue’s recall accuracy and user experience as a whole, and supercharging search, navigation and curation for any user. 

  • Music Search by Sonic Features 

Every song in the world has thousands of elements that make it unique which can often be hard to describe in words. Users now no longer need to find the words to describe the track they are looking for. Instead, they are able to use a 'reference track’ to search for tracks with similar musical features, and can spend time enjoying accurate audio matches rather than being caught in a loop of inaccurate keywords and poor search results. 

  • Accurate, Personalised Playlisting 

Personalised playlists are the definitive way this generation consumes music. Designed for streaming, our Application Programming Interface (API) provides fast, quality personalised curation to increase your users’ time spent listening and improve loyalty. Our AI engine listen to everything your users listen to, and create an instant custom playlist experience based on their sonic profile.

Market Trends & Opportunities

According to Statista, the worldwide revenue in the Music Streaming segment amounts to US$11,110m in 2019. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 4.1%, resulting in a market volume of US$13,051m by 2023; the number of users is expected to amount to 978.1 million.


  • Improved music tagging accuracy; save time and money by fast auto-tagging
  • Improved search experience, search speed, and catalogue recall accuracy
  • Develop listener trust and loyalty with more relevant music suggestions
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