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South Korea


Controlling odors and air borne pollutants is one of the most important, and yet challenging especially for wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing processes and indoor environment. The technology provider has developed four innovative air filtration solutions tailored for different applications and is keen to outlicense the technology. 

Drift Filter Unit - Capable to remove various harmful gases evaporated from wastewater pit, holding tanks and from pipes. The drift filter was made of a base filter, organic filter (activated carbon coating) and a cation resin that removes harmful gases through the natural exhaust process and does not require power to operate.

Pre-Gas Air (PGA) Filter - Capable to remove odorous elements of chemical pollutants caused by VOCs, ammonia and sulfides. Harmful gases are chemically and physically adsorbed onto a media coated resin. It is suited for large scale indoor facilities, e.g. industrial sites and semiconductor plants to maintain a safe indoor working environment. 

Chemical Air filter - Designed for removal of chemical pollutants such as NH4 and harmful gases that affect the production yield especially for manufacturing process of semiconductor and display industry. The chemical filter uses coated adsorbents equipped with adsorption and ion exchange functions for harmful gases removal.

Filter for Air Cleaner - Designed for removal of indoor pollutants such as ammonia, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acetate, cigarette smoke and etc. The activated carbon filter media is coated with adsorption media to facilitate chemical and physical adsorption. 

The technology owner is seeking technology licensing or manufacturing partner based in Singapore.


1. Drift Filter Unit
    - Easy to install through flange type connection or customised design to suit site installation condition.
    - Able to replace separately in case of end of service life depending on the filter installation type (DFUF-A to DFUD). 
    - Operates through the natural exhaust process for pit and tank - does not require power.
    - For pipe installations, the system is able to release the pressure in the case of overpressure condition (>0.03 bar).
    - Removable gases for pit and tank type (>80% efficiency):
       > DFUF-A Filter: Acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, etc.
       > DFUF-B Filter: Alkaline gases such as ammonia, amine, etc.
       > DFUF-O Filter: VOC gases such as benzene, naphthalene, etc. 
       > DFUD Filter: Mist, dusts, etc.
    - Removable gases for pipe type (>80% efficiency): 
       > DFUF-110 Filter: hydrogen sulfide , hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, amine, and VOC gases such as benzene, naphthalene
       > DFUD-110 Filter: Mist, dusts, etc.

2. Pre-Gas Air (PGA) Filter
    - Remove dusts in the inflow air.
    - Remove harmful gases and chemical pollutants including NH₃, O₃, SOx, NOx and TVOC.
    - Tested >60% removal efficiency on the first 120 days of operation for various pollutants.
    - Designed to operate at flow rate of 2m/sec, air volume of 42.5m3/min and 5-8 mmH2O pressure drop.
    - Provide field-oriented filter by attaching various types of coating resins.

3. Chemical Air Filter
    - Low pressure drop.
    - 6-12 months life cycle depending on operating condition.
    - more than 95% removal efficiency.

4. Filter for Air Cleaner
    - More than 60% deodorisation efficiency tested by the Korean Air Cleaning Association.




1. Drift Filter Unit - Steel mill, wastewater treatment plant, etc.
2. Pre-Gas Air Filter - Semiconductor and display industry, large-scale indoor facilities including hospitals, public institutions, etc.
3. Chemical Air Filter - Semiconductor and display industry, large-scale indoor facilities including hospitals, public institutions, etc.
4. Filter for Air Cleaner - Indoor applications.



1. Drift Filter Unit - High removal efficiency and long life time (3 to 30 months) that varies according to operating conditions.
2. Pre-Gas Air Filter - Effective removal of harmful gases and chemical pollutants.
3. Chemical Air Filter - Low pressure loss, used in semiconductor industry to lower defect rate.
4. Filter for Air Cleaner - Effective dedorisation via removal of indoor pollutants.



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