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A Singapore healthcare technology startup is offering an integrated bioinformatics platform solution specialising in oncology, pharmacogenomics (PGx) and infectious diseases to facilitate higher clinical and research precision. Integrating a manually curated clinical-genomics knowledge database, real-world datasets, advanced machine learning analysis and intuitive application and reporting tools in one workflow, the bioinformatics platform solution utilises and analyses medical big data for precise, personalised and data-driven results, improving outcomes in patient care and drug discovery.


The suite of bioinformatics solutions from this company for oncology, PGx and infectious diseases utilises the huge amounts of unstructured and unexploited medical and clinical genomics data present such as in omics, clinical records, phenotype, behaviour data and more. Combined with its proprietary manually curated Knowledge Base and deep machine learning technologies and features such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and variant annotation, the solution facilitates more precise medical prognosis, diagnosis and treatment, new biomarker discovery, real-world case study and clinical trial design.

The company's manually curated clinical-genomics knowledge base is registered as HSA Class A Medical Device and is currently used by more than 50 hospitals. Consolidating knowledge from over 105,000 clinically validated papers and 15,000 EBM Knowledge Graphs, the knowledge base covers:

  • Cancer, PGx, infectious diseases (HPV, HIV)
  • Gene variant and protein biomarker descriptions
  • Drug indication status
  • Clinical trials by indication
  • Treatment approaches
  • Efficacy evidence supporting response to treatment approaches by indication
  • Resistance evidence supporting resistance to treatment by indication

The company's solutions also include a dedicated PGx analysis platform, covering over 300 genes, 1000 drugs and features such as drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, dosing guidelines and toxicology to support clinical decision and interpretation as well as early drug development. Its dedicated oncology platform compares patient data such as gene and phenotype with over 30,000 oncology samples - with 53% samples taken from lung cancer - to support diagnosis and prognosis and improve therapeautic treatment and patient drug pathways.


Focusing on the fields of oncology, PGx and infectious diseases, the bioinformatics clinical genomics platform is able to facilitate data-driven clinical decision-making and support drug research and discovery in the Drug Development Life Cycle (DDLC). Using real-world data sets, the bioinformatics platform offers more accurate, data-driven prediction models for clinical and research applications such as affected genes and pathways, drug response trends, prognosis trends and available clinical trials.

The company is seeking partnership opportunities in the following areas:

  • Licensing (in and out)
  • Co-development
  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance


For researchers:

  • Optimised clinical trial design
  • Reduced trial size, duration and cost
  • Control arm from historical patients in real-world

For clinicians:

  • Accessible and effective clinical path
  • Better diagnosis and prognosis approaches based on real-world studies
  • Faster implementation

For patients:

  • Data-driven care
  • Cost-effective treatment plan
  • Better care quality
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