Signature Biometrics for Privacy-friendly Authentication


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Connecting a person's biological and virtual identities a long-standing challenge. The electronic signature is the gate to secure online transactions. However, the authentication of users and the storage of private identification data is not reliably solved.

This patented pen device offers a reliable, convenient, and privacy-friendly solution that allows everybody to use their signature as a biometric identifier in the digital world. Traditional signatures or even simple handwritten gestures require a cooperative attitude by the signatory, and they are extremely hard to forge. The solution consists of highly sensitive and secure hardware and an AI-based matching algorithm.

The main target sectors are financial, telecommunication, and governmental. The technology can be used as a second-factor authentication in Windows 10 login via the self-developed Credential Provider. It provides a secure and seamless login experience on any device. The innovation can be integrated into the system of a remote Qualified Electronic Signature Creation service provider as an additional factor of authentication.


This patented innovation consists of a pen which can precisely detect the dynamic, fine motor movements of the hand by IMU and pressure sensors, and analyzed by an AI-based algorithm developed for signature validation.Although no additional pad or sensitive surface is required, the visual restoration of the signature is also possible.The usage of the pen is intuitive, and it is backward compatible with the traditional signature (e.g., the nib might as well contain ink).

Besides endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, physical safety is also essential. Thus an optical-based tamper resistance method protects the device from manipulation. The solution does not use or store sensitive, personal data. Pens communicate via secured Bluetooth channel and an open-source client app.


The innovation primarily targets companies (e.g. banks, insurance companies) whose employees work with confidential data that requires secure authentication process on their computers (B2B), and customer services or public administration (B2B2C) with a large number of users whose identification is crucial.

Potential fields of application:

  • Secure login (e.g., Windows 10)
  • Online voting
  • Online contracting
  • Online shopping

Market Trends & Opportunities

Almost 1 billion people is a victim of cybercrime annually, and in the financial sector, the discovered losses attributed to cybercrime exceed a $100 billion, yearly. The most common types of cybercrime are debit or credit card fraud, account password compromisation, and unauthorized access to or hacking of an email or social media account.

These losses can be drastically reduced by the proposed, secure, and seamless signature biometrics solution.


While performing a repetitive well-practiced signature, hand movements include unique dynamic characteristics that can be recognized by the algorithm. Opposed to similar solutions, the signature imprint is not essential in the approach, while it enables a safer identification due to the multichannel and highly sensitive sensors. Furthermore, the pen can reliably operate on any surface.

An additional advantage of this method over traditional biometrics (e.g. fingerprint, face, retina) is that storing unchangeable and compromisable sensitive data is not necessary, while the owner’s willful and active participation is always required which is an essential difference compared to the traditional ownership-based or knowledge-based biometrical methods. The ability to write a signature is unique, inimitable, and cannot be stolen.

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