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A French technology provider is offering universal connectivity of its unique satellite IoT (Internet of Things) chipset at a highly accesible cost. The company's innovative nanosatellite constellation offers a new communication technology tailor-made for connected objects, making satallite-powered IoT services accessible to as many people as possible. The technology is simple to integrate, reliable, low-power and cost accessible. Backed by major players in the space industry, the company is looking for adopters such as IoT operators and connected object manufacturers seeking to offer their existing customers inexpensive worldwide connectivity and coverage, or to develop new and innovative hardware and software solutions for specific market verticals such as transport and logistics, maritime, personal tracking devices and smart agriculture.


The technology comprises a satellite IoT chipset/modem — a radio frequency chip that when integrated, brings satellite connectivity to any object. With the chipset, data from customers' sensors can be transmitted directly to the nanosatellite constellation. The chipset boasts a miniature size of just 7mm x 7mm and features low energy consumption, an ultra competitive price and easy integration to many systems. All data is processed by the company's operations center, with more than 50 employees managing the servers, network, processing algorithms, data and flow security and more every day. The innovative French project is backed by credible and recognised players of the space industry with already 6 satellites in orbit, allowing any connected project carrier (IoT) to test its prototypes.


The technology provider is looking for adopters that will integrate its satellite IoT chip into an existing or new IoT device to extend its coverage. Typical market verticals for the technology include:

  • Transport and logistics
    • Fleet management and container tracking
    • Security and quality of transport
  • Artisanal fishing
    • Sustainable management of fish stocks
    • Optimisation of catch sale
  • Outdoor sports
    • Send calls for assistance
    • Share position with friends and family
  • Agriculture
    • Track animal migration
    • Ensure traceability of food products
  • Boating
    • Stay in contact with those on land
    • Receive weather warnings
  • Science
    • Connect all kinds of sensors
    • Monitor any platform such as a drifting buoy or sounding balloon

Sample applications include the smart tracking of parcels and containers, yacht or fishing vessel monitoring, wearable connected jackets as well as animal tracking devices.


  • Accessible and inexpensive universal connectivity and coverage for IoT devices
  • Reliable real time or near-real time geolocation and data collection access in all conditions
  • Low-power consumption
  • Simple integration compatible with many systems
  • Inexpensive 
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