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A French IoT expert is providing solution that is able to leverage some most common IoT mass scale or very dense network problematics. We took care of the very complex problems to let our customer enjoy the “Wifi of the IoT” and we ensure reliability, security and very advanced feature to reach few goals:

  • Ensure the best in class battery optimization and network management at lowest TCO.
  • Ensure that all solutions deployed are built for at least 10 years and will be evolving as the standards evolves (FOTA, Lora-E etc…)
  • Provides best in class Geolocation technologies


  • QoS and very extended battery life, with our server with advanced ADR (Adaptative Data Rate) that can control the network and each device by setting a QoS target on the network expressed in target % of PER (Packet Error Rate).
  • Ultra-dense network support: thanks to the advanced ADR mechanism each Gateway connected to a network server is able to reach the maximum physical number of device (~25000).
  • Fully operational wireless time-based bi-directional communications – AKA ClassB, we are the first company in the world supporting and massively deploying in production a full operational classB communication solution; device can receive a command on a time sync solution.
  • The first worldwide INDOOR gateway classB solution, removing the needs to have a gateway receiving GPS in order to deliver classB services.
  • Our solution supports ALL standard of the LoRa Alliance including multicast communication.
  • A complete firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) solution that allowing devices to be upgraded over the air; moreover, We have developed a unique CAMPAIGN manager solution that allow an operator, and utility to plan a massive device upgrade by providing a file to send, and setting some target KPIs (ie. Upgrade 2Millions devices in 1 months with 99% success rate),
  • RMC (FOTA Campaign manager) server that will dynamically manage all the technical complex device communication setups autonomously:A secure device lifecycle management of the device keys fully ensuring security from the factory to the application server without storing any keys (usage of HSM: Hardware Security Module)
    • Setup of dynamic multicast group
    • Preparation of the FOTA campaign
    • Send of fragment over the air with real time monitoring of all devices
    • Error correction for needed devices till the Campaign limit
    • Report of the campaign


The technology provider is looking for partners to develop Singapore’s tailor-made city level sensors for industry and public, ideally integrated into lamppost as a platform solution. Typical verticals for the technology include: 

  • Smart waste management: Optimize waste collection routes with connected dumpsters.
  • Smart Parking: IoT allows to easily locate available parking spots.
  • Smart street lighting: Use IoT for a sophisticated street lights control.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Helping cities to look after themselves.
  • Safety and Security: IoT ensuring public safety and urban security.
  • Traffic and Fleet control: Bringing innovative solutions to traffic congestion.
  • And more…


  • The provider solution solves the complexity of the Internet of Things.
  • Supports Service Providers and Enterprises along their IoT network lifecycle from connectivity deployment to mass monetization.
  • Global standard for Low Power Wide Area IoT networks.
  • LoRaWan protocol is the next generation low power IoT connectivity standard. 
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