Fully Automated, Secure Lock System For Access Control With Electronic Workflow And Audit


Infocomm - Security & Privacy
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This techology is a fully automated physical security locking solution system that incorporates access control request, authorization, dissemination, management and auditing. The solution set comprises of electronic lock (elock), electronic key (ekey), ekey storage kiosk and access management software. The secure locking device (elock) has the same form factor as a traditional physical lock, thus making in-situ replacement / upgrade a 5 minute job. The solution leverages on the functional elements of a physical lockset and the latest IoT security technologies to meet enterprise application demands of secured access and access auditing. This locking solution is extremely desirable in improving existing access control deficiency where access attempt auditing is required.

This solution includes a fully automated / self-serve electronic key management kiosk (checkout / check-in) that runs the system management software. It allows users to perform ekey retrievals and returns whenever its required. The administrator accesses the management software via web console for management and maintenance. The solution supports off-site / mobile users who are required to travel to remote areas for job task. The mobile phone app (together with ekey) allows the user to request for access and receive access authorization via on-demand ad-hoc access provisioning workflow. The system also allows for scheduled and periodic access permission control. This solution can be incorporated into existing locking system setups with low adaptation costs. 


The solution provides secure access control across various industries. It offers quick and easy upgrades of existing physical locking devices with no wiring, no drilling and no cabling work required. The solution can be deployed in-house (private cloud) or leveraging on cloud-based SaaS. The system design incorporates hardware security module (HSM), secure microprocessor chip and cryptography data protection to improve and provides flexible secure access solution to traditional static locking solution that provides no access attempt auditability. The management software provides enterprises with auditable access attempts and compliance reporting capabilities.

The solution’s elock does not require power supply to operate the lockset. The compact design of the lockset also allow easy replacement of existing cam locks, without the use of wiring, drilling or cables. The hardware security module (HSM) provides tamper-proof security and stores all types of sensitive information. This secure locking solution leverages industry standard encryption technologies, such as public key infrastructure (PKI), advanced encryption standard (AES), elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) etc, to protect sensitive information. The OTP technology provides a one-time access token, which is valid for specific devices and users.

Existing solution providers can also leverage on the API to integrate the secure locking solution into their management software.


The solution is ideal for Smart Cities initiatives, where various stakeholders require access to shared physical resources. The solution allows for such access to be easily requested, properly authorised and securely recorded for compliance and audit requirements. The solution can be incorporated into existing 3rd party management solutions. 

The solution can be deployed in various industrial verticals such as Building and Facility management, Transportation, Logistics and Datacenters. Other applicable industries includes manufacturing & industrial process, finance & insurance, military, oil & gas, telecom, and transportation & logistics. It can also be deployed in municipal services, hospitals, public utilities and power generation operation. By leveraging on the solution as a platform, Governmental agencies can also extend and utilize one solution set across multiple sites' requirements, with low adoption costs. 

Examples of applications include:

  • Smart lamp posts
  • Padlock door access
  • Camlock control cabinets/server racks
  • Control cabinets for traffic light junction
  • Telco’s cell station
  • Automated teller machine (ATM) kiosks
  • Above-ground power supply and process control boxes 


A prominent advantage of the solution is that it incorporates hardware security module (HSM), edge compute engine and OTP technology into traditional mechanical locking solution. This helps manage access control of locks without the limitations of traditional physical keys. The combined usage of edge compute engine and the HSM allows for unlimited upgrading of secure access functionalities in the foreseeable future.

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