End-to-End Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Exchange Solution


Infocomm - Blockchain & Other Distributed Ledgers


This is an end-to-end Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Exchange solution. The platform offers an integrated system to issue and trade tokenized securities – company equity, real estate, investment funds, fine art and more – in a secure and compliant manner    

The solution enables institutions to put securities/real-world assets into fractional ownership on the blockchain while offering investors a digital investment marketplace that’s secure, transparent and inclusive; P2P with no middlemen and in a market that operates 24/7.

It also includes a highly secure, institutional-grade security token trading platform with multi-factor authentication, multi-signature wallets and military-grade encryption. The exchange features a comprehensive trading engine, extensible order book and integrated custodial services, making it a novel platform for global investors as well as professional traders to trade tokenized securities.

With integrated registration, Know Your Customer (KYC), approval and reporting functionality, issuers can be sure to tick all the boxes and comply with relevant regulations. 


The solution is an end-to-end full-stack Securities Platform and Exchange. The platform is highly modular allowing for customization and integration with best-of-breed service providers in the ecosystem:

  • Security
  • Custodian
  • Liquidity
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Interoperability with other exchanges
  • And more

The component-based architecture enables the management of both, security and compliance at three different levels – App, Decentralized Application (dApp) and token level.


The solution can be used to host vertical-specific platforms to tokeinze and trade in a variety of asset classes – company equity, real estate, investment funds, fine art, and more.

Other applications include:

  1. A commodities trading marketplace and exchange
  2. A carbon trading platform powered by Blockchain technology
  3. An oil and gas futures trading platform
  4. Digital transformation of stock exchanges

and more.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Notwithstanding all the hype, we are only at the beginning and yet to realize the full potential of the emerging Token Economy. Tokens could represent everything of value - physical goods, loyalty points, real estate, creative productions (works of art, music, etc), service leases and time-shares, securities, and a whole lot more.

Tokenizing securities, financial instruments, and assets will have a profound impact on the world, especially financial markets where security tokens will quickly revolutionize the traditional finance world - liberating trillions of dollars worth of non-liquid assets, raising new capital and creating all-new secondary markets - on the Blockchain.


Quickly deploy a comprehensive end-to-end institutional-grade digital asset exchanges and trading platform – secure and compliant – to digitally transform markets.

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