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A French Source-to-Pay expert, based in Singapore, is providing a complete solution that automates procurement and invoices processes to improve cash flow and optimize the company’s working capital. The solution covers the entire Source-to-Pay process:

  • Supplier management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Contract and pricing
  • Procurement
  • Invoices and Payable
  • Strategy and Analytics

The company ensures the functional and technical integration of the major solutions of the market and brings strong expertise in the whole procurement cycle. 


  • Digitize all processes:
    • Full Source-to-Pay suite
    • Native integration
    • Leading capabilities throughout
    • Powerful, flexible workflows
  • Manage All Spend Categories
    • indirect spend: Services, Tail Spend
    • Direct Spend (BOM, cost breakdown, NPI…)
    • Assets & Tooling
    • Travel & Expenses
  • Improve Transparency & Data Quality
    • Advanced, real time analysis
    • Unified Data Model
    • Vendor Master Management
    • Item Master Management
    • Bill of Material
    • Seamless ERP Integration
  • Realize savings across all spend
    • Direct, indirect and services
    • Complex sourcing projects and integrated BOM
    • Contract and pricing compliance 
  • Automate the complete process
    • Source-to-pay on a single, connected platform
    • Supplier information & certification management
    • Performance and risk management
  • Collaboration and real-time information
    • Product information management and design collaboration
    • Real-time analytics with daily spend classification
    • Supplier portal for deeper collaboration
  • Configurability and flexibility
    • Simple configuration of processes, forms, fields
    • No coding or technical skills
    • Powerful workflow engine to handle any scenario


Singapore companies who are seeking to implement unified Source-to-Pay suite.

  • Automotive: The solution has empowered leading automotive procurement to make a positive impact on all spend categories – direct, indirect and services. The highly configurable and flexible source-to-pay cloud platform has enabled Procurement and its suppliers to become competitive differentiators.
  • Financial services: The solution has successfully empowered procurement within this industry to make an impact on indirect and services spend and suppliers. The highly configurable and flexible source-to-pay cloud platform with its third-party risk management capabilities has generated lasting value for our financial services customers.
  • Healthcare: With this solution procurement and supply chain leaders have an opportunity to generate tremendous business value by gaining control of all spend areas, engaging in more profound and collaborative relationships with suppliers, using analytics to drive better decision and improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Oil, Gas and Energy: Procurement in this industry are more likely to succeed than ever before, particularly given the low-price environment that is here to stay. Procurement can have a significant impact across the value chain, for example, starting all the way upstream in project design to collaborate with engineering, design and suppliers teams. They can also impact efficiency and performance with contract compliance, adherence to processes, and developing sustainable supplier relationships.
  • Retail/ e-Commerce: The suite empowers procurement and supply chain with a complete source-to-pay platform that is designed to be agile, collaborative and smart. The solutions will help to connect to your entire supplier network, collaborate and manage supplier and product information, optimise costs and monitor risk and performance.


  • Improve traceability and cost control
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase internal and supplier collaboration
  • Reduce invoicing cycle
  • Reduce management and financial risks
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