The Early Life Guardian Probiotics Strain of Bifidobacterium Breve


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Microbial colonisation of the gastrointestinal tract of the infant begins at birth where bifidobacteria are among the first microbes to colonise the gut. Bifidobacteria are thought to be a keystone taxon in infant gut microbiota that plays a vital role in regulating immunological and physiological functions. The populations of bifidobacteria are the most abundant in the healthy breast-fed infant gut. As the infant begins to wean, the abundance of bifidobacteria starts to decrease and the microbial ecosystem continues to develop until three years of age. During this period, gut microbial colonization represents a crucial window of opportunity for shaping a healthy gastrointestinal tract and driving the maturation of the immune system. Perturbation of early life gut microbial colonization, particularly delayed bifidobacterial colonisation, has been linked with the development of allergies, eczema, and other microbiome-related disease pathologies.

Consumer recognition of the need to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora during early life for lifelong well-being is getting stronger. A leading dairy company from Japan has developed a proprietary probiotics strain of Bifidobacterium breve that is proven to safely support healthy growth and the development of gut microbiota in infants and children.


The proprietary strain of Bifidobacterium breve is a clinically effective, well-established probiotics strain that exerts positive effects on infant health. It is specifically effective at promoting healthy gut microbial colonisation, protecting the vulnerable premature infants against the development of the devastating necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) and sepsis, and alleviating eczema and allergies in infants.

This probiotics strain has a long history of safe use in infants, for which it is proven to be well-tolerated by both premature neonates and term infants with no adverse effects, including probiotic sepsis and deaths. To date, this strain is administered to low-birth-weight infants to support healthy growth in more than 120 neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in affiliated hospitals in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. With such a strong safety profile, this proprietary probiotics strain is well-positioned as a trustworthy and suitable probiotics ingredient for routine supplementation in infants.


The proprietary probiotics strain of Bifidobacterium breve is available as a functional probiotics ingredient for application and development in various finished products. It has been incorporated in nutritional supplements, infant formula, and oil drop products for promoting infant health. This probiotics strain is best-fit for people who are seeking for a superior, highly safe, cutting edge probiotics ingredient. It can be used to develop a wide range of nutritive finished products destined for infant use.


The proprietary probiotics strain of Bifidobacterium breve is one of the best scientifically documented probiotics strains that can provide feasible solutions that work, last and extraordinary to B2B manufacturers in the probiotics industry for product development. With a well-consolidated regulatory oversight, quality assurance, and a track record of human substantiation of safety and efficacy, this strain is an ideal and worthy probiotics that resolves consumer concerns on the safety and quality of a probiotics ingredient/finished product for infant consumption.

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