Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration with Military-grade Security and Ease of Access


Infocomm - Security & Privacy


With rise of data breach incidents and stringent data privacy and compliance norms, organizations are feeling the heat to protect their sensitive data. This further gets complicated with growing business needs to share and collaborate information outside the organization - with partners, suppliers, customers and beyond.

The company was accelerated by Airbus via its BizLab program and has built an integrated Digital Vault – an enterprise file sharing and collaboration platform with Military-grade security and ease of access.

The Digital Vault helps secure sensitive information with military-grade encryption and private permissioned Blockchain technology. The platform encrypts all stored content, conceals the server itself and leverages blockchain-based digital signature for identity and authentication to securely provide access to bonafide users; thereby allowing institutions to comprehensively address security and comply with regulatory requirements like GDPR and HIPAA


Supported Architecture:

1. On-Premise

2. Cloud – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS


1. Three Factor Authentication

2. Digital Identities

3. Integration with Third Party & Enterprise Authentication Systems


1. TLS 1.2

2. AES-256, RSA-4096

3. Full File Encryption – Data at Rest and Data in Transit


1. Natively Distributed Architecture

2. Supports Disaster Recovery

3. Backup & Restore

1. Syslog Integration

2. Full Audit Trail

3. Email Notifications

Supported Systems:

1. Windows Servers

2. Windows Desktops

3. Linux Servers

4. Linux Desktops

5. Android Devices


Select Use Cases for the Digital Vault include:

1. Implement a cloud strategy within the organization: Although the cloud offers significant cost and convenience benefits, many enterprises remain wary of adopting the cloud due to security challenges. Enterprise IT feels that it will lack control over data hosted in the cloud and that it would be more vulnerable to cyberthreats. However, with the Digital Vault’s blockchain-enhanced capabilities, data stored in the cloud remains invisible, and with end-to-end encryption, remains invulnerable to hacking attempts. 

2. Secure file sharing with external business partners: Digital Vault’s secure file storage and sharing solution not only be used by enterprises to keep information secure within the enterprise but can also be used to share sensitive information with external business partners in a completely secure manner.

3. Compliance - GDPR, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements: The Digital Vault solution empowers an organizations' readiness and allows it to comply with various local and international regulatory requirements swiftly

Market Trends & Opportunities

Institutions are feeling the heat as information breach incidents continue to grow and existing solutions struggle to keep pace. Experts predict that the average cost of a data breach will exceed $150million by 2020. There is growing regulatory compliance like GDPR, HIPAA etc and most companies are struggling with the same.

The fast pace of enterprises today, in highly complex global environments along with the sheer volume of data collected and the ever-increasing compliance requirements have resulted in traditional storage systems becoming a business liability. Protecting enterprise data continues to be a major challenge. And, security breaches can have devastating outcomes - with significant reputational consequences and enormous legal repercussions for the organization. 

The need of the hour is a comprehensive next-gen File Sharing and Collaboration platform that secures sensitive information with military-grade encryption while also offering a holistic, elegant and integrated solution for ease of access and sharing.


The Digital Vault makes it possible for enterprises to ensure maximum security for even their most sensitive information. It also enables them to adopt a cloud-based strategy without worrying about cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and complete independence in managing these services using the in-house IT teams.

  • File Sharing and Collaboration with military-grade security even beyond organization boundaries
  • Phishing resistant authentication
  • Total Compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and other local and international regulatory requirements
  • Applicable across industry verticals – Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, E-publishing, Media, Software, Manufacturing and beyond
  • User-friendly and easy to adopt, even with unhackable authentication and fortified data.


Key Differentiators between the Digital Vault and other Data Sharing & Protection Platforms

Offered as a package providing an elegant and easy-to-use solution, the Digital Vault makes it possible for enterprises’ IT functions to be completely in control – whether it is implemented as an on-premise or cloud-based service.

  • On-premise as well as In-Cloud deployment completely isolated from cloud service providers
  • Full control on File Server and its contents
  • API Integration for applications to directly access the vault
  • Encryption keys in control of the organization
  • Automatic Script Execution
  • Ease of access similar to other cloud-based file-sharing services.


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