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An AI-enabled cognitive automation solution that automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications. In many industries, customer demands keep increasing which requires everything to be done quickly, while human personnel has limits and the operations are carried out manually. Manual processing can slow down the business, reducing operational efficiency and productivity. Manual processing can inhibit the growth of the business as it is slower and takes more complex processes to get work done. Businesses around the world are leveraging AI-enabled technology to improve their business processes, in order to increase productivity and grow their customer base. To replace manual processing and transform business processes, a technology solution that can augment productivity and effectiveness is urgently needed. Our technology is a solution to improve business operations. Our software robots automate data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications, including legacy ones. We incorporate artificial intelligence, powering it to do more than just automation, but also complex human-decision making tasks that require knowledge. The use of automation software can bring valuable benefits to the business. Our technology will be useful for organisations that have to carry out large volumes of transactions. It can be widely applied in many departments within various business sectors.


Our software robots help to make various I.T. applications talk to one another without requiring complicated back-end code or application programming interfaces (APIs). It automates business operations by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications. We incorporate various types of artificial intelligence with cognitive functions, such as image recognition, object and face detection, text analytics / natural language processing and machine learning.  Computer vision (Image / object / face detection and recognition) is useful to detect and identify images, objects and faces. Machine Learning allows our technology to carry out more than just automation, but also human-like complex decision making that requires knowledge such as predictive analytics. Natural Language Processing allows for processing and analysis of human (natural) language, which is useful in dealing with various documents that consist of information or data. Ours is a software that does not require complicated code. In fact, it does not involve any code at all. End-user can install our solution in their PC and operate it like any other PC application. It is easy to use and end-users do not have to be a tech expert to operate our solution. Adopting our technology will enable workers to achieve higher accuracy, eliminate time-consuming tasks, reduce the cost and errors, and gain a higher level of productivity. Our solution works faster and makes works easier, is dependable and scalable beyond current headcount, and can be deployed within weeks.


Our technology can be widely used in many departments within various business sectors, as it can automate a variety of tasks and processes. For example, our solution is being currently used in banks and financial services companies, insurance companies, logistics and shipping firms, manufacturing companies and government organisations. The examples of use cases include: Intelligent information extraction (extraction of documents) Determine sentiment from text Classify incoming documents and emails into various categories Predictive analytics (e.g. predict loan, predict staff attrition, check credit limit) Web scraping Bank reconciliation Automating recruitment process Face / Image / Object recognition


Benefits which our technology provides to users: Works 3-5x faster compared to human Makes works easier by automation Reduces cost up to 68% compared to I.T. overhaul Allows companies to achieve ROI within months Helps human staff to eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks Reduces human errors and enables higher accuracy Lowers human staff fatigue from performing time-consuming and repetitive tasks Allows human staff to carry out more value-added tasks Dependable, available 24hours/7 days/week Easy to use and scalable beyond current headcount Deploy within weeks

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