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PoSA as a Service is an eco-system that allows every product to be identified in the retail, protect it from theft and allow the stakeholders to value add to the product and services. PoSA stands for Point-of-Sale Activation. PoSA as a Service empower retailers to offer unique user buying experiences.


Essentially the eco-system entails every product to have a unique identifier with an activation code tagged to it. The product UPC and unique identifier are then codified into a standard GS1 databar barcode, scannable at retail during POS. This enables individual item tracking from the factory all the way through POS. Powered by an AI engine, such data enable a variety of customizable services at individual item level on the fly.


1) Theft and fraud prevention

2) Activate a product or service upon payment

3) Validate rewards/coupons at POS

4) AI recommended upsell at POS

5) Register a warranty upon purchase

6) Validate a product authenticity

7) Product/food safety by preventing expired or recalled items from being sold

8) Supply Chain and inventory tracking and managements

Market Trends & Opportunities

Rely on actual sales data from retailer and reseller

Retailers and manufacturers are under constant pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit, and keep customers returning.

Success relies on having the most up-to-date retail sales data to understand which technical consumer goods products are performing well in the market – and which are not. You need to know what is selling, where, when and at what price point. This knowledge gives you control to respond with both tactical and strategic decisions that will drive commercial growth and increase return on investment.

Our PoSA as a Service eco-system helps you measure your market share and brand performance and benchmark it against your competition in data-driven approach. We have been working with the world’s largest retailer, providing product tracking services and delivery of insights based on actual sales data from both retailer and reseller. 


1) Theft and fraud prevention of items in retail stores.

2) Able to activate related services such as warranty registration, freshness check, recommendations for up-sell etc with a single scan at POS at manned or self-checkout counters.

3) Individual item tracking from factory to POS enable more accurate supply chain management and inventory control.

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