GPU and In-memory Accelerated Analytics Platform for High Performance Systems


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Our Active Analytics brings together all key elements of active analytics in a unified platform:

  • Historical data analytics,
  • Streaming data analytics,
  • Location intelligence, and
  • Artificial intelligence.

The Platform is cloud-ready, and dramatically simplifies the typical architecture for smart applications, with unmatched performance.

We helped customers to solve the hardest data problem and their developers have all of the tools they can leverage in a single platform to meet all of their artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML) project requirements.


Graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerated database, distributed in-memory computing, streaming analytics, location intelligence, “Bring Your Own Algorithm” approach, organizations can embed machine learning and advanced algorithms into their active analytical applications without the headache of complex data engineering, migrating data between disparate systems.

Also, it enables in-database analytics via user-defined functions (UDFs). The capability makes the parallel processing power of graphics processing units accessible to custom analytics functions deployed within the company's product. With the enhancements, machine learning and AI libraries such as TensorFlow, BiDMach, Caffe, and Torch can run in-database alongside of and converged with business intelligence (BI) workloads. 

Business analysts and developers can leverage the company's APIs to leverage third-party code, use GPUs without having to move data, and execute and manage customizations for custom libraries. They can also use native API bindings in C/C++ and Java, as well as use arbitrary binaries to receive table data, do arbitrary data computations, and save output to a global table in a distributed manner.


Industries benefited are from multi industries such as Telco, Retail, Finance, Logiistics, Public Sectors, Utlitlies, Logistics, Automobile, Energy, healthcare, Intelligence and investigation, Sense-making situational awarness system, Smart Energy efficiency Building, Video sense making.

Market Trends & Opportunities

InfoWorld's Technology of the Year Award. IDG’s InfoWorld, the leading voice in emerging enterprise technology, announced the company as a winner in Feb 2020.

The 12 winners this year, represent the most innovative products in the areas of software development, devops, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning.


Producitvity gain, high speed streaming data ingestiion and processing. Our tech make its GPU database look like a relational database so users can interact using ANSI-SQL 92. Thus, customer can easily run analysis in a traditional relational environment and if the workload requires a more computationally-intensive environment, our platform provides without having to do a lot of tooling and rework. Further you can deloy and bring your own analytics algorithm into the same platform.

For business example :

Retail : Customer 360 view.

Finance : Value-at risk application 

Pharmaceutical : What you want to do is distribute that over a large number of nodes and let each node [process] its piece of the simulation. By doing the subdivision, you can do simulation faster for accelerate clinical trials and drugs invention.

Smart Building : Optimise Energy Chiller Efficency 

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