AI-Driven News Monitoring Platform to Enable Business Intelligence Activities


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Hopping across multiple publications in search of news on the daily is time consuming and difficult. Combing through varied and high volume of news for the relevant information could be a challenge as current channels of news subscriptions or news portals may have poor search functionalities due to a reliance on keyword technology. Despite such challenges, assessing and searching for industry news could be vital for works related to business intelligence and for environment awareness/scans.

Our company created a technology to aggregate certain types of media news, allowing our clients to have a single source/platform to assess varied news from different publication channels. As a platform, clients are able to get instant access to 40 of Asia’s best business news sources on a single feed or via email alerts. The platform also facilitate access to stock exchange announcements and deep dive industry reports.

To facilitate efficient and accurate search, our search engine is supported by AI-driven semantic search capabilities. Semantic search improves search accuracy and relevance because it considers the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of certain keywords. This creates a significant differentiation factor when taken into comparison that most news monitoring tools only use keyword search technology, if you did not enter the right word, the engine will be unable to surface it.

Furthermore, to support clients with their news monitoring activities, our technology allows users to configure targeted tracking area and alerts (of companies or precise area of concerns) through our fully customizable or pre-set AI.


Our core technology is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI capable of schematic and contextual scanning, tagging and sorting.

Our technology platform is also packaged from the get-go with corporate data for the top 800,000 Asian companies and full access to 40 pay-walled industry leading news, research sources and stock exchange announcements, while allowing for a high degree of further customization.

Our technology’s customisable components include configurations such as /for:

  • Your choice of English-language data sources
  • Tailor what information is extracted via the AI
  • Preset AI Receptors
  • Keyword search (Boolean search) within AI results
  • The level of AI support provided by our Machine Learning experts
  • Integration with third party data platforms or technologies
  • Monitoring and Push


Our technology can be adopted by business whose daily activities requires them to be on top of the news landscape, for monitoring of news or companies. Such activities may be conducted by companies in the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Media
  • Risk
  • Public Relations
  • Macro Researchers
  • Government
  • Risk

Market Trends & Opportunities

With industry upheavals and transformation due to an on-going pandemic, companies who have to make decisions on actionable information derived from the news, requires an efficient and reliable data pipeline.

We are open for system or product integration of our technology to existing monitoring systems. Potential adopters of our technology could be business/financial analysts conducting market research, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysts in security/law enforcement etc.

We are also open to explore potential collaboration model where technology partners may wish to license our technology to create new products/services.


Aggregated access on the news is restricted by paywalls, this is a pain point which we have solved.

You can get up to speed with the reports and current challenges on each sector or country, gaining immediate insights.

You are able to track companies and news topics, allowing for quick decisions and actions on any issues that surfaces.

You are able to filter and extract company information from the top 800,000 firms in Asia and export required information onto Excel.

The pre-set AIs solve the issue of setting a human resource to constantly monitor the multiple news sources in an error-free, efficient and tireless way round the clock.

Customized AI receptors allow you to tailor the monitoring configurations to the exact needs of the organization, with support from AI team. This feature is unique to the platform.

Allow for further customization in terms of data, news sources ingested.

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