Reengineering Natural Pathway to Produce Cost-Effective, Superior and Sustainable Products


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The technology provider employs synthetic biology solutions to manufacture unique molecules which serve a broad spectrum of markets ranging from green specialty chemicals, sweeteners, food ingredients, flavors & fragrances, to nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Their proprietary technologies in metabolic engineering and bioconversion modulate naturally occurring biochemical pathways to produce industrially valuable target molecules. Extensive, productive and optimized usage of microbial hosts and enzymes also allows them to meet the skyrocketing demands for natural molecules in an economical and sustainable way, with superior quality. With their capabilities in cutting edge R&D and world-scale biomanufacturing, they are open to a variety of commercial partnership and collaboration models.


The company's unique approach to biotechnological solutions is rooted in an inspiration from nature. They can scan databases for natural enzymes to produce your target molecule and match it with a preferred microbial host or cell-free bioconversion process. A repertoire of more than 14 hosts enables them to start process development with a definitive end product in mind. They have developed subject matter expertise in six molecule classes: Terpenoids, Lipids, Amino Acids, Phenolics, Glycans, and Proteins. With decades of experience in yield optimization, downstream processing and scale up, this company has successfully produced and commercialized 40+ products. They are also a leader in developing biomanufacturing processes which overcome the technical challenges of product inhibition or microbial toxicity and the marketing challenges of non-GMO labelling. Their paramount success is exemplified by the bioconversion process which transforms Stevia leaf extracts into the best tasting, non-caloric sweeteners currently on the market. They have proudly developed a large pipeline of ingredient molecules, which have earned various regulatory approvals and are currently sold worldwide.


Some of their current innovations including the existing and potential applications are:

  • Rebaudiosides produced from Stevia extracts by bioconversion of non-caloric sweeteners, sugar reduced foods, dairy products and nutritional supplements.
  • Sustainably produced, plant-based terpenes and 20 different lactones flavor and fragrance solutions for food, cosmetics, fine perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Proprietary microbial platform for generating faster, cheaper and better therapeutic proteins with humanized glycans for production of monoclonal antibodies for direct use as immunotherapeutics or antibody drug conjugates in several disease areas, and diagnostics.


  • They offer a higher probability of success for developing new ingredients. 
  • The breadth of their technology, when leveraged with their vertically integrated world-scale fermentation and biomanufacturing capabilities, will maximize your business growth upstream and downstream of the supply chain in a wide range of markets.
  • Significantly lower the customer's product commercialization cost. For example, with their glycoprotein platform, they can reduce the production cost of a biologic drug to $2-4 million, while the costs of traditional manufacturing systems exceed $80M. In another example, they can make flavor molecules biologically, at scale, economically – eliminating the need to use petrochemical precursors enabling their customers to adopt “no artificial ingredients” labels on their products which will simply taste better.
  • They have earned a reputation as a sustainable producer of natural ingredients, which helps customers to drive their brand success without resorting to chemical synthesis or expensive plant or animal extracts.
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