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The tasks that humans think are easy to achieve, are challenging for machines to replicate, for example it is incredibly difficult for a robot to pick up an object and hold it steady. Therefore, the tasks that require high dexterity and manipulation are still performed by humans, even in risky and hazardous zones. There are commercially available robotic solutions, but few are intelligent and can adapt to the task at hand like a human does. The robot hand technology developed is anthropomorphic, smart, adaptable and can reproduce human hand kinematics and dexterity closely.

The technology is an advanced humanoid robot hand and can be integrated into various robotic systems and platforms. The technology provider has strong expertise in the field of grasping and manipulation for robotics, with patents filed around the design and build of the robot hand.


The technology is designed to take a truly anthropomorphic approach for robot manipulation. The key innovation lies in the expertise to develop the robot hand with 20 actuated degrees of freedom, designed to provide comparable force output and movement precision to the human hand. 

The technology uses industry standard interfaces (Robot Operating System - ROS) and can be used as a tele-operation tool or mounted on a range of robot arms as part of a robot system. Moreover, it has force-torque sensing and actuation capabilities that are leading when compared to other commercially available grippers. 

Technology Features

  • Human Kinematics: 20 actuated degrees of freedom and a further 4 under-actuated movements for total of 24 joints
  • Human Sized: Offers ultra-sensitive touch sensors on the fingertips, absolute position sensors for each joint and a control board on the palm allowing for system extension via add-ons
  • High Bandwidth Sensing: Provides detailed telemetry with 129 sensors in total, including force sensing for each actuator, tactile sensing on fingertips, temperature and motor current and voltage sensing
  • Open Platform: Fully integrated with Robot Operating System (ROS), with the hand models & code available as open source


Robotic systems are being deployed in various market segments to carry out dangerous, difficult, dull and dirty tasks that are currently being carried out by human operators. These robotic systems lack the smartness and adaptability of a human operator. When it comes to tasks involving grasping and manipulation it is even more necessary for the gripping systems to replicate the human operator’s abilities as closely as possible. Sensory feedback (vision & touch), adaptability of grasp in unstructured environments and safe collaboration with humans are the key requirements for robotic grippers. 

The potential applications of the robot hand are the ones that require human dexterity but where the presence of humans is undesirable, such as for nuclear decommissioning, off-shore oil & gas, bomb disposal, space explorations, hazardous chemical handling in semiconductor and medicine manufacturing.

Market Trends & Opportunities




  • Execute simple to complex motor tasks with precise and dexterous grasps of the robot hand
  • Used in grasping, manipulation, neural control, brain computer interface, industrial quality, control, and hazardous material handling
  • Compatible with various immersive technologies (E.g. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Haptics) and motion capture tools based on customers’ requirements, so that the robot hand can capture and replicate human movement
  • Designed for researchers and developers to understand how to use robotic manipulation to solve problems
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