Virtual Collaboration - 3D Collaboration in VR with a Virtual Office


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With the COVID-19, companies had to rapidly adapt to working remotely. Even with several tools, we’re still lacking real contact and HR are more than ever focused on how to take care of employees.

We combined online meetings with the interactivity of face to face meetings. We provide Virtual workspaces allowing useful interactions throughout the whole cycle of the employee in organization.

Using the innovative WebXR Technology, we provide a virtual office available on any device (Computer/Phone or VR Headset) and accessible with a single link. 

We're also the first solution in the world to offer a virtual 360 Live video collaboration tool. You can film your supplier or any environment with a 360 camera, and share it inside a virtual room. You can then collaborate together in a particular environment live streamed in 360°.

The technology allows for:

  • Collaboration in a face to face meeting
  • Sharing of multiple documents in a 3D space easily
  • Organising 3D events

We are able to provide a demo of the technology solution, please feel free to write-in.


We're providing:

- A browser based solution for Virtual Offices using WebXR. Speak, use virtual pen and sketch in 3D within a 3D space.

- Move and look in a dynamic 3D office

- Collaborate with a whiteboard with virtual hand and tools

- Import your webcam, share your screen for collaboration

- Real Life avatars with eye tracking and mouth movement

- Import 3D objects and models, organize conception meetings and go-to market production meeting 

- Fully customizable environment : Create your own virtual space in a few days.


- Remote work collaboration

- Digital Office

- HR employee life cycle : employee assessment / interview to more

- Marketing and Engineering go-to market conception with 3D products

- Organize events and exhibition in a 3D space

- Inspect and visit suppliers in 360° videos live 

Market Trends & Opportunities

VR and AR have a huge market trend, the VR automative market only is projected to reach USD 673,602.2 Million by 2025.

We are open to finding partners looking to license our technology, or co-develop with potential partners for innovative application of our technology.


Current traditional remote working tool such as zoom are not adequate for multiple usecases. For instance, organizing an event on zoom doesn't allow you to have 50 people collaborating together, with a 3D space, it's possible.


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