Social Distancing Monitoring Solutions


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Reduce Risk of Coronavirus Spread

Companies across the world have closed their facilities due to Covid19, and many are looking to establish new safety protocols that will enable a safer reopening of operations. But enforcing those safety protocols and protecting employees is challenging without a system in place. 

Social Distancing

This solution uses tags and Ultra-wideband signal to track the location of people and equipment with extremely high accuracy, especially in complex industrial environments. If social distancing parameters between two workers are violated, the tag alarm will alert them to the hazard in real-time. The violation will be recorded for review later, providing insights on whether safety protocols are being followed.

Reports provide compliance insights across the entire facility or by individual tags, enabling management to make necessary process and layout adjustments and provide targeted training.

To further reduce risk of overcrowding, facility managers can set a maximum occupancy limit for the facility or zones within the facility. 

Cleaning Protocols

This solution allows geo-fencing, tracking of the frequency of workers’ entry to these areas as well as the time spent in them. This can help enforce handwashing or equipment cleaning protocols to further reduce transmission of the coronavirus.

Contact Tracing

If an infection does occur, historical data from the system will allow for highly accurate contact tracing, as records can show the individuals who were near the infected party. Anchors in the facility transmit data from employee tags to backend, giving you actionable data to react quickly.


With Ultra Wideband High Accurate Ranging Capabilities, we are able to accurately detect close proximity of personnel.

When 2 or more Ultra Wideband Tags comes into close proximity, the tags will provide audio early warning and when they come into closer proximity, the tags will create audio alert and record the other tag's ID for data logging.

The data recorded will then be transmitted back to the server for Contact Tracing.

The solution requires minimum infrastructure and Tags have the processing capability to provide alerts locally and data logging.


This solution can be used to implement a system of safe distancing measures at workplaces, to reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing is adhered to at workplaces. 

Employers must also support contact tracing requirements, require personal protective equipment and personal hygiene, ensure cleanliness of workplace premises and implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases.

This solution provides capabilties for Social Distancing Early Warning, Close Proximity Alert, and quick Contact Tracing.

Potential Application for

  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Schools 
  • etc


Setup with minimum infrastructure and quick implementation. 

With this solution, customer will reduce the manpower needed to implement and monitor Safe Social Distancing in the workplace.


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