Customisable LED Software for Use indoor Farming


Life Sciences - Agriculture & Farming


By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the world earth’s estimate 9.8 billion population will reside in urban centers. In addition, factors such as climate change, limited arable land and pollution will make indoor farming an attractive option. Current technologies used in traditional farming will definitely be inadequate and for Singapore, it will be even more vital to achieve food security with limited resources. 

The technology described herein consists of a software and a horticultural LED system to target two main concerns of urban farming - operation cost and crop’s yield. The technology allows remotely control of all light's characteristics, including spectrum, photoperiod and intensity depending on the types of crops. This analytics can result in optimizing energy costs and also improving crop’s yield. This feature will be useful for farmers new to LED lighting. In addition, farmers can also use this technology to forumate their own “light” recipe to optimise the growth rate of their crops. The technology provider is seeking for collaboration from industry partners to commercialise this technology.


Software Functions:

1)     Personalized configuration

The software is designed for seamlessly configuration and can be configure separately and independently for different shelf. This configuration can be fully automated to allow for different environmental parameters at different time frames or growth phases of the crops. 


2)     Smart analysis

Our software can perform analyse and predict the light recipe the plant canopy is experiencing. Parameters subjected to analysis includes light map, light ratio, etc. This will shorten the time needed for end users to measure these parameters greatly, and hence improve productivity.  In addition, the software allows users to set time periods to run pre-set light intensity according to individual desired needs, effectively automate the system. 


The software platform is catered for different plant stages from propagation, growth to flowering at any indoor facilities such as indoor vertical farm as well as in research centers for crop research and development. The system can be apply to the following segments of the market, which can utilize this platform includes the following:


  • Controlled plants R&D for Pharmaceutical use
  • Urban food production
  • Vertical farms
  • Laboratories/research/education institutions
  • Home Hobbyist


  • Cost Saving
  • Optimize Crop’s Yield
  • Reduce R&D time
  • Versatility of the lighting for different crops/growth period
  • Scalability (Dependent on the number of LED)
  • Wide Coverage (~ 2 km Indoor)
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