Warehouse Pick-Path Optimization


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With increasing demand and shorter fulfilment times for orders across different industries, the need to fill these orders more efficiently through optimal manpower optimisation and increased picking efficiency in warehouses is thus necessary.

Our cloud-based/on-premise computing solution for pick-path optimization aims to optimise the least efficient and mostly costly part of the order fulfillment process. Our technology improves efficiency of pickers' routes within 4 walls of a warehouse, allowing for close to 17-34% increased efficiency or less time spent on similar picking operations, allowing increased number of picks with the current capacity of the picking operations. More picks with the same manpower means faster fulfillment times and more revenue generated with the same resources. 


We provide a superior pick-path algorithm that optimizes pick-path routes specific to pick-list location and based on the dimensions of the warehouse, allowing for the generation of optimized pick-lists that pickers will use in day-to-day picking operations. Ours is a proprietary closed-form algorithm developed in-house that ensures optimal pick-path based on dimensions of the warehouse. Our system can either be integrated or remotely interface with the warehouse via current warehouse management systems (WMS), as a tool to generate pick-lists. Both cloud-based or on-premise hosting of the solution is possible depending on the sensitivity of the pick-list information. 


Suitable for logistics provider looking to improve the efficiency of their current picking operations and increase their picking capacity without increasing manpower. WMS providers may also look to integrate this technology as an added solution to their current WMS in order to differentiate themselves from standard optimisation systems.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Opportunity to reduce structural cost from labour as warehouse profit margins (3%-6%) are eroding as labour costs rise, largely due to commoditization of the industry. Majority of warehouse operating expenses, roughly 55% based on estimates, come from warehouse picking operations. This is an opportunity to reduce the largest structural cost of any warehouse operation. 


Current efficiency gains from optimized pick-routes generated by our algorithm have been shown to be up to 34% more efficient relative to pick-routes provided by individuals with over 30 years of experience in picking space. Tangible benefits from the optimized pick-path provider are seen in warehouses as small as 5000 sqft to 150,000 sqft and beyond. The pick-path optimizer is suitable for any warehouse environment with any number of picks and any layout with more than 1 cross-aisle. Interfacing and integration of the tool is hassle-free and does not need to managed separately, providing no distinguishable difference to the day-to-day operations of the warehouse floor for both pickers and system managers. Our technology enables increased revenues from greater utilisation of labour and lowered costs.    

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