Automated Testing of Web Platforms with AI to Support Intelligent Test Writing


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A Hungary company based off Budapest, with years of experience in web platform test framework, has created a product for automated test steps supported by artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Their software comes with an API and is meant to easily integrate with every build systems. Tests run by the company's testing technology automatically measure the time required to perform operations and the amount of memory used by the browser.

The data can be saved into a database and displayed on comparative graphs.


For the measurements, special test scenarios can be created, and the data of the selected test steps are then placed on a time scale for data analytics.

This caters for the evaluation of users' platform by:

  • comparing different versions of the software,
  • measuring performance depending on network configuration from different locations,
  • definition and monitoring of daily load cycles,
  • monitoring of load peaks and incidents.

The company’s software technology is able to:

  • display the relationship between states and transitions in a diagram
  • tests are designed, documented, and implemented in a single process
  • allow testers not skilled in code writing to be involved in testing through cucumber integration
    • test scenarios can be created without programming knowledge
    • test scenarios can be easily automated and maintained

The company has been developing AI to support test writing. Current AI capabilities includes:

  • interactive element recognition
  • automated test design
  • test failure classification


Such software technology may be necessary for evaluation or monitoring of web platforms if:

  • the user experience is important
  • the user platform is under continuous development
  • the user load changes over time
  • there is a need to verify system optimization

In short, potential seekers can consider utilizing this software technology for:

  • User interface (UI) tests for web applications
    • Automated smoke/sanity tests of healthcare-related application
    • Automated functional tests of management software
    • Test generation based on finite state machine
    • Integration with Atlassian Bamboo
  • Performance monitoring of web application
    • Check multiple versions of the same application
    • Measure from different locations
    • Monitoring the actual application UI, the actual response times
    • Monitor system utilization and load
    • Integration with Microsoft Power BI
  • API testing (without UI)
    • Automated functional tests of SOAP & REST webservices
    • Integration with TeamCity
  • Intelligent test support (AI)


The company's software is able to produce test reports providing full transparency for top (business) and deeper (technical) levels. It is easy to integrate into the command line interface of build system and tests survive version upgrades.

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