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A Singapore company with years of experience in computer vision has developed an easy-to-use, interactive, AI-powered Visual Recognition solution.

Using the company's patented video & image recognition technology, the company is focused in developing an interactive solution for Brands, Media Owners, Event Organizers and even Retailers to transform their physical medium & assets into interactive platform with real-time data enabling and enriching their customer engagements experiences.

The company believes that every physical image, video and physical product can become interactive using your mobile device beyond QR code providing critical offline data allow better engagements with consumers.

Personal mobile devices with advance camera function, which are enabled with fast connection speed, can allow for seamless interactivities, bringing the consumer journey from planning, commerce to data analytics transforming from offline to online smoothly.

The technology is available as:

  • SDK: Integration of software development kits (SDK) into any existing app

  • Web API: Custom Integrations into any 3rd party platforms

  • HTML Web Scanner: Incorporating the technology into clients' or users' browser through javascript

Technology can also be integrated via:

  • Web banner
  • Whatsapp
  • SMS


The technology is a market-ready solution with a demo for potential enquirers to view.

The dashboard is on cloud premise, which requires login and password to enter: 

  • The dashboard allows user to enter to make image and video easily scannable and interactable without any coding knowledge.
  • Easy to use interface to manage clients' activities real-time, downloadable valuable data to analyses clients' campaigns and single or batch process can be set up for mass interactive activities using the dashboard API.

The software development kit (SDK) includes the options for both Android and IOS, provides access to the Visual Recognition solution to integrate into clients side applications. It utilises the API library for the API calls and allows customization of the theme.

Web API: The platform application API constitute resources available to using the solution. Like most Web-based API, The application API uses request header for authentication and also to allow passing in additional request data.

Web Scanner: The web scanner is ready to use HTML page which use javascript to allow the browser to open the camera in it, allowing no download of application needed just simply using the browser for scanning.


Brands, marketers and content owners look to vision-driven searches and interactions to form part of an “omnichannel” digital ecosystem.

The solution is able to capture users in a way that satisfies both the users and the brands they seek to interact with.

Point the camera device at an image or video that is stored in the system and be taken directly to the online content that the brand would like users to see, bypassing the search engines and any other intermediary.

Brands can now directly and accurately take their consumers where they want to bring them. In addition, the valuable data captured in the system is detailed, highly specific and made speedily available to the clients.

The technology can be customised for your campaign needs, from physical media to online assets. Convert real-time interactions into successful engagements.

Bridging physical assets to digital assets includes journey such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Gamification
  • Video Engagement
  • Coupon
  • Poll
  • and many more.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The market opportunities:

  • Second-screen is already a habit

  • Smart phones gets smarter with fast networks and better camera quality
  • Images tell a thousand words

  • Video interactions becoming a norm

  • Offline to online interactions drives buying behaviour and interactions

The AI image recognition market is projected to reach a market value of USD 5.48 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 24.1%. (Source: MordorIntelligence/ AI Image Recognition market / Q2 2018)


For each scan, the technology is able to provide actionable insights and product/campaign/advert overview at a glance through the dashboard.

Timestamp: Date and time the scan was made

Device: What is used to scan. Divided into 4 categories (Web, IOS, Android, others). Web is usually referred to as the web scanner. iOS and Android are only applicable if using the SDK. Others usually refers to the use of the web API.

Country: Country code of where is scanned based on country’s IP address

Lat and Lng: Latitude and Longitude of where is scanned, where the user allows location on their mobile device.

User ID: Unique identifier of user scanned

Gender: Gender of the user who scans (App and web must pass the information)

Age: Age of the user who scans (App and web must pass the information to us)

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