Fast Dissolving Concentrate Tablet for Cost Efficient Hand and Surface Sanitisers


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Extensive sanitation needs arising from COVID-19 are adding high costs to both businesses and consumers. Such costs are mostly related to the supply chain, and involve processing, transportation, and storage of dangerous substances. Furthermore, the packaging of finished sanitation products consumes large amounts of shelf space at the point of sale − not to mention the negative environmental impact of the packaging materials.

To address these issues, fast dissolving concentrate tablets are developed based on a proprietary encapsulation technology. These fast-dissolving concentrated tablets can quickly transform water into an alcohol-free hand or surface sanitiser.


A proprietary encapsulation technology is used to develop these fast dissolving solid tablets with high loading levels of active ingredients, processed at ambient conditions and coupled with a fast dissolution profile.

The solid tablet can range between 6 and 20 grams in weight, tunable depending on the required product specifications. Upon contact with water, the tablet dissolves within 15 minutes, quickly transforming 500 ml of water into an alcohol-free hand or surface sanitiser. This encapsulation technology and methodology can be applied to a wide number of active ingredients, such as fragrances and insecticides. 


This encapsulation technology and methodology can be used in a wide number of applications, such as water based air fresheners and insecticides. In particular, the technology is suitable and effective when a significant part of the application cost is due to supply chain challenges or to the inherent complications of handling the active ingredient.

An immediate niche may be represented within the area of sanitation, by consumers in price sensitive markets, and/or for distribution in nations or geographic areas with complex or inefficient infrastructure. If properly positioned, the novelty and convenience of these fast dissolving concentrate tablets should offer a significant competitive edge, even in less price sensitive markets with more advanced infrastructure.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Sanitation is a massive global need that is currently being addressed exclusively by mainstream applications. The global hand sanitiser market size was estimated at USD 2.7 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach USD 3.3 billion in 2020.


In tablet form and individually packaged, the product can be produced and shipped easily, allowing a cost reduction to the consumer of up to 85%, compared to other widely distributed sanitisers.

The technology allows a brand to reposition its product line, differentiating itself through innovation, while significantly reducing the cost structure of the supply chain. The outcome is a product that would easily disrupt the market, offering innovation at a fraction of the price of the competition.

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