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Education today is like driving in the dark. Educators and students are looking for better ways to make learning decisions besides based on past experiences and gut feelings. Our technology tracks and builds learning profiles to make recommendations on the next optimised action for any learners. For example, what is the next question to practise or study material to review, or person to ask if the learner needs further clarification with a question or concept?

Our learning optimisation technology is suitable for any retrieval-based tests with restudy opportunities that are distributed across time. Currently, the proprietary tech has existing products built for K12 National Exams and is ready for customisation beyond, including corporate training and professional exams. Users can import syllabus, questions, study materials in CSV format into the system. For video-format study materials, we can offer hosting services to maintain privacy.

We are a Singapore based EduTech whose technology is already in use by clients across Southeast Asia. We have an application that is readily available across Google Play as well as Apple’s App Store


Current offerings include:

1. End API to generate the probability of student successfully attempting the question

2. End API to generate predicted topic(s) from a question image

3. End API to predict the difficulty of a question based on a question image.

4. End API to generate a new question and solution with changed numbers based on an existing question.

5. End API to match similar question based on an input question

6. End API to reoganise an existing question bank based on different syllabus requirements

7. A consumer facing application with pedagogy-driven UI/UX design and in-built tech capabilities from above to generate personalised questions, optimised study materials that is just right in terms of question difficulties and content that covers learning blindspots based on input syllabus.

8. A consumer facing application that connects users needing clarification of a question or concept with another expert user in the topic.

9. A consumer facing application where users can match up with other users in an online competition in answering questions.

10. An educator platform where teachers/trainers can easily visualise all learning analytics, progress. Teachers and trainers can assign personalised homework or conduct in-class quizzes in a few clicks.

11. A business-facing digital question bank and authoring platform where organisation and teachers can easily author new questions in both MCQ, open field text or self-assessment format.


K12 students can optimise their learning and preparation for National Exams with optimised questions, study materials and other learning statistics.

Tuition centres, private schools, public schools, institutions of higher education and private tutors can use the educator platforms for teaching and assessments both online and offline.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The app’s AI algorithms:

  • Generate personalised questions that are suitable for students
  • Identify question types/topics as well as identify and censor potential inappropriate content that is being sent, through the camera function

We are looking for

  • Opportunities to collaborate with Education Institutes


Analysis of students' profile as well as recommendation of the next most optimised action for students 24/7. Provision of personalised questions that cover students' topical blindspots or personalised study material ranging from Videos, Summary notes and mind maps.

First to provide functional products for both students and educators so that the full education experience involving both parties can be automated.

In-house built algorithms allow capacity for continual maintenance and improvement, ensuring there is no stagnation in customer demands and needs.

Engagement and retention of students with a network of students who will readily answer each other's questions.

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