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Stand-off concealed threat detection, fully automated concealed threat detection solution based on mm-wave radar technology. Detecting concealed assault rifles, machine pistols, person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIED)’s and large bladed weapons at distances exceeding 30m. Overview devices such as High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) cameras and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) identify subjects as they enter a region of interest, directing the radar to scan subjects, operating in uncontrolled, crowded public areas, each sensor scanning up to 3600 people/hr (pph). Should a threat be detected the system will automatically notify operators of threat, passing video of the subject along with type and location of threat detected.


Our mm-wave radar sensors are fully automated, an internal rotating reflector creates a helical radar beam covering an area sufficient to encompass several people simultaneously. The beam is triggered and directed by overview HDCCTV cameras and LiDAR sensors, the radar sensors scan the subject transmitting broadband and narrowband "chirps" at a frequency of approximately 2100 chirps per second.

The threat detection is based primarily on the data acquired during these chirps; should a subject enter the region of interest that is not currently covered by the radar beam the unit is then guided to that area via an internal high-speed pan/tilt (P/T) mechanism.

Data acquired is subsequently interrogated by software classifiers ‘trained’ to identify threats, working by processing retrieved information in a neural network, operating on a pre-defined confidence level. If within a moving time window, the number of indications exceeds a threshold, then a threat is determined to be present. The use of a neural network allows future-proofing of the detection capability, as software can be rapidly trained to recognize emerging threats.

Operating significantly below required European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards for vehicular radar, the system is totally safe in operation.

Scanning subjects in under 1 second, high detection rates and low false positives (FP) are seen, 95% (<5% FP) for PBIED & 90% (5% FP) for assault rifles.

Threats are output via the system's own software management suite or can be integrated into the 3rd party vendor management system/building management system/physical security information management (VMS/BMS/PSIM) systems. These threat outputs take the form of a video image of the subject carrying the threat, the type of threat detected and the location on the subject of the threat.

Multiple sensors can be configured on a system, scaling as required to provide the required solution, delivering a complete perimeter of protection around any facility. As sensors are network devices they can be positioned at any location, internally or externally and use free space transmission mediums to send data back to central control location(s).

Lightweight (less than 8kg) and easy to setup our units can also be used as a rapid deployment or mobile solution. Our unit can detect up to a range of 30 meters.


Our stand-off threat detection is ideal for providing another layer of security for the following applications:

  • Transport Hubs – Ports, Airports, Rail, Underground, Bus
  • Government facilities – Houses of Parliament, Correctional
  • Critical Infrastructure - Oil, Gas, Water, Power
  • Schools, Universities & Colleges
  • Stadiums & Arenas including sports and concerts
  • Military, Law Enforcement & Border Patrol
  • Religious sites and Places of Worship
  • Hospitality including hotels and casinos
  • “pop-up” events VIP events, public speaking & rallies

Market Trends & Opportunities

This global market value for stand-off threat detection is estimated to be $8.4 billion, having compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% in 2019. 


Our solution provides detection of concealed threats from a distance, operating in unrestricted crowded environments, therefore, allowing unrestricted flow of people. Should any threat be detected, clear alerts are sent to operators, advising the type of threat detected and location of threat on any subject, all in time to pre-empt a potential terrorist attack and save lives.

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