NB-IoT Based Data Logging IoT Gateway Solution


Infocomm - Internet of Things & Wearable Technology


IoT is a key technology in the smart world. It is a combination of various technologies and one of the key aspects of the IoT system is the collection of data and secure transmission of the data to a remote server which can collect, transform, visualise and analyse the data. Within various cellular technologies, NB-IoT is getting popular as a common cellular technology because of its coverage and cost effectiveness.  Secure IoT gateways act as the interface between sensors and the cloud using MQTT or TCP/IP protocols.

This NB-IoT gateway is a data logging IoT gateway solution that uses advanced secure protocols to connect to remote servers using NB-IoT cellular technology. The  device has low power consumption, universal interfaces to connect to various sensor types and data logging capacity to store data locally for a number of months. It can also be supported by solar or battery power.




  • Sensor Interfaces : Analog (0-15v), Digital, Serial (UART), I2C, RS-485 & SDI 
  • Network Connectivity : NB-IoT 
  • Protocols : RESTApi, MQTT
  • Security : X.509 certificates with TLS 1.2 standards 

1.     Dual SIM NB-IoT/4G network interface 

The system supports Narrow Band IoT as specified by 3GPP. The NB-IoT provides low power low data rate interfaces to specifically support massive sensor networks at competitive costs, providing cost effective implementations. 

2.     Local Storage and server update 

Based on a one-minute data storage rate, the device can store two weeks of in an unlikely event of both networks fail. Once the networks get restored, the data will be sent back to the cloud. 

3.     Flexible Interfaces

The data logger and controller support not only digital and analog inputs, but also digital serial inputs like RS232 and RS485. Such versatile input supports variety of sensor types and reduces the noise susceptibility on integration. 

4.     Low Power Consumption 

The inherent design facilitates extremely low power consumption. At the same time, the device has programmable sleep capabilities which enables periodic sleeping and consumption of very low power. 

5.     Ease of Configuration and provisioning 

This is a standalone data logging system that can be configured individually, or batch based, making the rollout and provision extremely fast and efficient. 

6.     IoT friendly architecture

This is an IoT-friendly architecture to progressively add sensors that gets data into a centralized Web Server. MQTT based and REST APIs make sure that there is no data loss at the server when the right server power is used, to handle any number of sensors. The database integration capabilities enable the smooth hardware-system integration. 

7.     Pre-Emptive Maintenance

The data logger uses a heartbeat communication mechanism when it uses its wireless mode. Such a feature enables the system to automatically identify communication failures and provide alerts. 

8.     Security 

The nodes are enabled with X.509 certificates which enables the overall system to be compliant to TLS1.2 compliant secure systems.



  • Any form of digital transformation applications in any industry 
  • Factories with machines 
  • Smart Metering applications 
  • Environmental sensing applications 


Market Trends & Opportunities




Data logging is the process of monitoring various physical conditions and recording them over an extended period of time. The collected data is accessed and then observed and analyzed at a later date.  Data logging is a type of data acquisition, it uses a lower sampling rate (seconds, minutes, hours, or even days). Data-acquisition systems sample data at high speeds (kS/s, MS/s, GS/s) for real-time monitoring and analysis as well as recording.

Some of the typically monitored physical characteristics includes:

• Temperature (the most common)

• Humidity

• Pressure

• Liquid flow or level

• Mechanical position

• Strain

• Load

• Vibration

• Light level

• Current, voltage, or power

• Event occurrence

• Wind speed

• Time of use

• Others on request


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