Real-time Inspection and Verification with Millimetre Accuracy


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United Kingdom


The company helps industry clients perfect their manufacturing process by providing real-time and highly accurate inspection technology, every step of the process. The company make cameras, sensors and software which can understand its environment. With this technology it is possible to track the quality as well as the status of the industry's manufacturing builds, predict and detect possible faults in existing machinery or structure, to better enable workers to solve these problems either on site or remotely.

The data being captured by the inspection technology enables automation of entire processes; improving efficiency by removing human error. The verification algorithm has millimetre accuracy, requires 0 training time, works out of the box, and can make hundreds of predictions a second.

The company's mission is to increase productivity and lower operational costs, time to delivery, and risk.


The technology consists of proprietary cameras, sensors, machine learning algorithms, and a user interface through which it is possible to engage with the platform without the need to know how to program.

This provides the company with flexibility in modifying their technology if needed, in order to capture and display the required data to perform real-time inspection and verification procedures. 


The technology can be used in Manufacturing and Construction industries to facilitate the following applications:

Guided Procedures with Real-time Verification

  • Given a computer-aided design (CAD) file the technology can display digital overlays in augmented reality, showing the user how to build the assembly whilst verifying in real-time that each step has been completed correctly.
  • This reduces confusion about how to complete a process, leading to the deskilling of the task, fewer mistakes, reduced human oversight, shorter training times and increased efficiency and productivity.

Modular Verification

  • The technology can inspect and verify, in real-time and without interruption, each stage of the client's industry processes.
  • The company ensures each part is first built correctly, then track the way it behaves within its system.
  • The technology can detect accidental damage and signs of wear and tear, and use this information to recommend the best course of action.
  • Each camera collects data on every part, machine, and user that it can capture. This data is processed, contextualised, and compared to reference models to check for discrepancies in real-time. This enables earlier detection of errors, less wasted material, less scrap, and prevents costly reworks.

Reporting, Accountability, Traceability, and Data Analysis

  • The technology automatically tracks the number of mistakes made, deviations with respect to design specifications, precise completion times, operator behaviour, and machine performance.
  • By being able to capture this diversity of data, it enables the machine learning algorithms to make quicker and more accurate predictions. Removing the fear of data overload, as the data will be fed directly through the platform.
  • Key outcomes will be displayed to the management team through easy-to-interpret dashboards, allowing them to observe in real-time how personnel and procedures are performing, automatically identify production bottlenecks, areas of opportunity for improvement, or detection of steps which are prone to errors.
  • Reports can also be created automatically and sent to a specified repository for documentation and traceability purposes. 


  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower operational costs
  • Decrease time-to-delivery
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce risk
  • Deskill tasks and upskill workers
  • Enable automation and predictive maintenance
  • Increase transparency with automated traceability and documentation tools
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