Covid-Guard Technology - Seamless Check-In Experience with Thermal and Mask Detection


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Enterprises will be required to comply with governmental regulations that arises from the current COVID-19 situation.

These regulations will include areas such as:

1.HR and Organisation Contact Tracing (e.g. Infected Employee)
2.Security Screening Requirements (e.g. Temperature, Masks)
3.Safe Distancing & Clearance Requirements

Covid-Guard enables a seamless check-in experience for enterprises while maintaining end-to-end contact tracing requirements without user involvement (post registration).

Our Covid-Guard Technology utilizes thermal camera to scan visitors while being connected to a tablet device powered by an artificial intelligence system that is integrated with TraceTogether's technology and MyInfo or relevant database for end-to-end contact tracing needs.



  • 1 x Thermal Camera
  • 1 x Tablet Device with AI Application (Annual license)
    • Temperature Detection
    • Face Mask Detection
    • Liveliness Detection / Anti Spoofing Deteciton

Additional Features

  • Bluetooth detection
  • Support for Contact Tracing
  • NFC Card Reader & Support
  • Privacy Protection, Detecting & Masking Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Liveness Detection
  • Safe Distancing Detection (Roadmap)



General Covid-Guard Use-Cases

  • User Authentication and Enrolment
  • Health Monitoring Systems
  • Seamless Check-In & HR System

Collaboration Oportunities

The Covid-Guard is available for our potential partners as a component of consultancy and other security solutions to enhance security and ensure well-being amidst the pandemic period.

In addition, Covid-Guard AI-on-the-Edge Software is able for customization with other technologies / cameras (hardware-agnostic) as long as deployed hardware (e.g. tablet, android) meets the minimum specifications for lightweight artificial intelligence model deployment.

For niche use-cases, please contact us to collaborate as we can develop AI models for your use-case required. Our data scientists are led by a world-class data scientist (Kaggle Expert - Top 1% to 5%, Competitions Gold - Top 3) and we are happy to collaborate to customize a solution for your use-case.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Market Information

Thermal Camera Market: $3.4B (2020) - $4.6B (2025) at 6.2% CAGR

Global Covid Pandemic Mitigation Market: $1.6 - $2.1 Trillion USD (

Market Opportunities

Enterprises seeking to adopt our proposed Covid-Guard technology will be able to improve their mandated monitoring and detection works which align with health regulations during COVID-19 or pandemic environments.

We are open for system or product integration of our technology to existing monitoring systems. Potential adopters of our technology could be facility owners, building management system providers and enterprises expecting high human traffic who are required to conduct the above monitoring and detection works.


  • Hassle free contact tracing and monitoring of visitor and employee management
  • Seamless check-in and check-out experience via use of identity card, nfc-type cards (ez-link or even corporate pass etc) upon registration.
  • Employee & HR Analytics


AI Software Performance

Our production level AI software deployments are designed to (1) scale, (2) perform and are (3) trustworthy with accuracy levels above baseline technology while using cutting edge state-of-the-art technology.


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