Self-Calibration of Sensors


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Increasing number of smart devices rely on sensors which require periodic calibration over time to perform optimally. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) need this technology to ensure sensor data reliability to achieve Level 5 autonomy, which is missing today. We provide Calibration As A Service (CAAS) for Autonomous Vehicles, robots and Industrial IoT devices for Industry 4.0.

For AVs, it will benefit all the AV manufacturers, suppliers, governments investing in AV infrastructure and companies providing AV maintenance services to ensure safety (L5 autonomy) on the road. We provide our customers a fully automated sensor calibration service which includes static and dynamic sensor calibration, sensor data maintenance and analytics, vehicle health report and incident reporting.

For Industry 4.0, we ensure that all the IoT sensors are working properly leading to reduction in downtime and increase in productivity. We also provide analytics for predictive and preventive maintenance, system health report and incident reporting.


The innovation involves building smart calibration techniques and methods for existing and future smart devices. The unique selling point of our approach is the use of powerful Machine Leaning (ML) tools to record the pre- and post-deployment sensor calibration values, use these nodes to perform periodic calibration (at regular intervals) and determine the need to perform opportunistic calibration. The whole dataset of the sensor nodes and the system is managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze the data and perform:

  • automatic compensation of the calibration if the values are off, and
  • trigger an alarm if the values are out of the range and ask for factory calibration or replacement of a particular sensor node.


This technology has applications in many verticals such as in smart devices, robots, drones and millions of IoT devices around and Industry 4.0. In future, when there are thousands of autonomous vehicles, drones, ships, and millions of smart devices and billions of IoT devices, it will be practically impossible to calibrate and re-calibrate each and every sensor individually.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Enterprises seeking to adopt our proposed technology will be able to decrease unscheduled downtime of the system and improve productivity by keeping system’s health in check all the times.

We are open to integrating our technology to any existing systems and products which rely on IoT sensors. Potential adopters of our technology could be any process industry looking to adopt Industry 4.0 solutions, Semi- and Fully Autonomous Vehicles’ manufacturers, suppliers and auto workshops.  


Our customers will get a peace of mind that all the sensors deployed in the system (AV, Industry 4.0, IoT or smart systems) are properly calibrated and thus ensuring high-fidelity sensor data leading to safety and reliability. Our customers will also get comprehensive reports and push notification alarms about the system health and any anomalies.

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