Low Cost, Low Maintenance Handheld Bi-Directional Irrigation Method


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For a typical handheld irrigation, the process involves dispensing liquid out from a container. This can be done with a hand-powered squeeze, trigger or duck-pump bottle. Or in a mechanized situation, an electric pump is used to directly drive out the liquid. In these examples, liquid flow is unidirectional whereby it flows out from the container to its final irrigation area.

With a manual squeeze, trigger or duck-pump bottle, liquid dispensing occurs in short bursts only when hand pressure is applied. This can be tiring for the operator if it is done repeatedly. Using an electric pump to drive the continuous flow of liquid is less tiring. However, the pump head will need to be cleaned when there is a change of liquid. It is also difficult to clean the pump head if a foreign object is lodged inside.
A new method is proposed that allows for a bi-directional mechanized liquid flow to be implemented with a single pump. A steady flow of clean liquid can be dispensed at will from a handheld container to irrigate a desired area. It also allows for liquid suction back if such a function is desired. The implementation is low cost, low on maintenance and allows for easy cleaning after use. This novel method is beneficial to anyone planning to develop a handheld liquid irrigation product.


For this technology, air is used to drive the flow of liquid. The dispensing of liquid is easily turned on and off with a finger-controlled air button module. There is no need to flip any electrical switch or turn any mechanical valve to control liquid dispensing.  The air button module also allows the dispensed liquid to be suctioned-back if this function is desired.

This technology prevents the pump from being contaminated by the liquid so there is minimal cleaning of the pump head. It also allows the electric pump and the dispensing container to be housed separately. Thus it is easy to detach the container for wash after use.

The system comprises the following:

  • An electric pump that drives air which in turn drives liquid flow
  • A dispensing container that holds the liquid to be dispensed.
  • An air button module for liquid flow control
  • An optional container to hold suctioned back liquid if needed
  • Relevant tubes or channels that form the liquid flow paths.


This novel method is versatile, low cost and low on maintenance. It is beneficial to anyone or any organization that plans to develop a handheld liquid dispensing/irrigation application. These can include but is not limited to sectors such as healthcare, animal care, cleaning industry, F&B and DIY products for the silver-hair market.


This novel technology offers the following benefits:

  • Affordable: It uses very few elaborate parts, electrical components are minimum, and no mechanical valve is needed to control liquid flow. The result is a low cost, low maintenance system.
  • Bi-directional: The same pump can be used for dispensing and suction-back.
  • Versatile: It can work with liquids of varying viscosity and temperature.
  • Easy to use: The operator uses one finger to control liquid dispensing without flipping any electrical switch or turning any mechanical valve. Only one hand is required to operate the device, leaving the other hand free.
  • Minimal pump contamination: The pump does not get contaminated by the liquid itself so there is minimal cleaning of the pump head.
  • Easy to clean: The electric pump and the dispensing container can be housed separately. Thus the container can be easily detached for wash after use.
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