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We are a Belgium based company formed by a team of advanced planning and scheduling (APS) experts in industrial operations & planning, manufacturing science, operations research IT and innovative heuristics & Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Our staff are made up of professors and PhDs, and senior industry experts.

We started in 2002 as consulting or third-party APS development service. By 2017, we have developed & implemented our own 5th generation APS.

Our technology has an exclusive focus in Real-Time APS, sales & operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain planning (SCP) solutions for enterprises (Industry 4.0).

We provide an AI-powered Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) Optimization system that can be automated and used in real-time. This system adds intelligence to Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins.

We are able to provide demo access, so please feel free to write-in.


Our technology can help planners to eliminate errors and explore 1000s of scenarios automatically. It synchronizes long term demand, production and operations planning & scheduling.

Our technology also improves operations' key performance indicators (KPIs) such as e.g., costs, resource utilization, on time delivery (OTD), overall equipment efficiency (OEE), throughput, cycle-times.

It provides multi-objective, multi-projects and multi-resources optimization in areas such as finite capacity manufacturing scheduling, S&OP and SCP.

We have developed an adaptative AI that enables our solution to work, even with incomplete data. The system can learn and improve as it is used. Our technology is based on a flexible and extensible model, which allows for easy & cost-effective implementation & integration. It allows for business rules scripting extensions and is adaptable to many cases without custom programming. With its superior AI and multiple solvers and heuristics, it optimizes hard planning and scheduling challenges that legacy APS systems are unable to cover.

Our technology system is able to provide a holistic solution to industry problems, and add intelligence to Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins use-cases.


Our technology can be tailored for variety of business processes and applications in industry, logistics and services (e.g., discrete manufacturing, construction & infrastructure, logistics & transportation, equipment & infrastructure maintenance).

Use-cases in the different industries and organisations may include the following:

  • Production finite capacity planning & scheduling
  • Real-time dispatching
  • Distributed logistic activities scheduling
  • Time tabling
  • Service industry scheduling
  • Supply chain planning
  • Routing optimization
  • Layout optimization
  • Long term capacity, volume & investment planning

Applications can be in all kind of operations in industry, logistics and services. 

Market Trends & Opportunities

There is a massive trend towards digitalisation, factories of the future, AI in manufacturing and Industry 4.0. This tool is beyond the state of the art in a market dominated by legacy applications. The market for APS is still untapped and growing rapidly.

Our technology, as an advanced planning and scheduling tool powered by an adaptive A.I., could be utilised by medium-sized and larger enterprise customers in various domains, including discrete manufacturing (e.g., metal, glass, furniture, electronics, quarries, food processing), construction & infrastructure projects, logistics & transportation, equipment & infrastructure maintenance, projects engineering and service organizations (e.g., schools, hospitals).

Enterprises seeking to adopt our technology platform to create internal data-driven decision-making capabilities, could explore system or product integration of the technology with their existing IT data pipelines or infrastructures.


The system will improve both the operations and the planning & scheduling process itself. Typical KPI improvements for costs, OEE, OTD, lead-times, throughput range from 10% to 40%. About the planning process, we’re talking about planning in minutes instead of hours, no errors, and more visibility, predictability and reactivity. The ROI for such a system is typically several 100% and a ROI recovery of 6 to 12 months.

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