Luggage Tracking and Management System


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Our innovative solution simplifies the process of storing and retrieving hotel guests’ luggage. It also eliminates wrong or unauthorized retrieval. The system is developed based on existing standard operating procedures (SOP) with the aid of a backend server with a dashboard for administrator, handheld devices for each bellman and electronic luggage tags (e-tags) for luggage tracking. Guests will be issued a ticket with QR code upon luggage storage, for which they will present upon retrieval. Bellmen will only need to scan the ticket to obtain guest and luggage information, and then locate their baggage quickly via zonal notification and beeping/blinking of e-tags with the handheld device. The backend server allows for luggage handling tasks monitoring and assignment. It also notifies uncollected luggage or unfinished luggage handling tasks, provides photo comparison in case of a dispute during luggage collection, and generates history reports.


Our luggage tracking and management system is the first IoT solution introduced for hotel luggage management. It utilizes a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology interfacing luggage tag to locate the relevant luggage and WiFi/3G/4G technology to the interface backend database. A device camera is used to scan QR codes to allows bellman to store information of guests quickly and capture photos of guest items for the record. The system consists of e-tags, handheld devices, gateways (optional) and a backend server. Our solution digitizes guests and luggage details, and store them in the backend server database so that it can be used by hotel management to further optimize their SOP, avoid loss of luggage and evaluate workload during peak hours.


  • Luggage handling system in the area of Hotels, Attractions, Theme Park, MICE industry, Travel Agents, Retailers, and more
  • Industrial asset tracking system. For example, asset movement tracking and alert, logistic in-stock counting, factory trolly movement tracking and more
  • People's movement tracking, geofencing, and more

Market Trends & Opportunities

The global hotel industry market size was over 600 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. In our local context, it is estimated that 20 new hotels will be constructed each year. Our project is targeting medium to large hotels, which make up to about 35 percent of the global industry, worth 210 billion U.S. dollars in total.

Most hotels, theme parks, attractions, etc. are still using manual operation in the luggage handling process. Their manual process involves high daily operational costs, human errors, and has low traceability. Cost and space, are the key blocker for them to digitize the entire process. For instance, the robotic system requires expensive deployment fees, more spaces for equipment storage, as well as higher maintenance fees.

Our innovative luggage tracking and management system fully digitize the luggage handling process without having to add additional space for equipment storage. It also builds upon the existing SOP, thereby allowing for easy adaption and lower operational costs. 


  1. Reduce Operating Cost - Easy to use, enhance existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by adding traceable digital records in the system, luggage storing/retrieval overdue warning and generating luggage status report.
  2. Improve Efficiency and Competitiveness - Simplified luggage retrieval by using e-tags beeping/flashing instead of manual locating by a paper label. Reduce average time for luggage retrieval by 50%, provide 0.28 full-time equivalent (FTE) savings per day. Increase productivity and quality of service to ensure hotel guests' satisfaction.
  3. Technology Innovation - Innovative system design by digitizing luggage information, and maintains the same user experience for hotel guests on luggage storage and retrieval through bellman while reducing waiting time and potential error.
  4. Scalability - Fast and easy installation, designed based on hotels’ existing SOP, potential application programming interface (API) for easy integration into existing hotel management systems.
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