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With the rise of evolving cyberattacks and quantum computing, we have innovated the world's first driverless data diode and developed an artificial intelligence software suite to complement our hardware product.

The driverless data diode is used as a usb-based network-segregation device in multiple use-cases to:

  • Secure building management systems and visitor management systems
  • Secure patching and transfer of logs for legacy systems
  • Secure upload and gateway into highly sensitive networks for file and email Transfers

Currently, this product common-criteria certified (CC-EAL2) and is successfully deployed in one of Singapore's ministries to secure visitor management systems.


Hardware Specifications

  • Common Criteria Certified (EAL2) - 25th June 2020
  • Transfer speeds up to 50mbps
  • Driverless - appears as a USB drive (drag and drop to virtual usb drive), no driver needed.
  • Easy to use and Install

Available Software

  • Sanitization Module - prevents 0-day attacks with file sanitization
  • Healthcheck Module - periodic data diode healthchecks & email alerts
  • API Gateways - Query & API Response with Data Diode Setup
  • File/E-mail Transfer Chatbot - File / E-mail Transfer to Secure Network 
  • Mobile Phone File Transfer - iOS / Android File Transfer to Secure Network
  • Deployment Dashboard - Overview of deployed data diodes at different sites


  • Cloud-based Data Diode - Google Cloud / AWS
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Enterprise Manager
  • SMS Gateway
  • Non-windows sender support
  • SCADA Support


General Applications

  • Smart Cities: Secure Visitor and Building Management Systems
  • Secure Patching of Legacy Infrastructure (Lifts / Power Stations / ATMs / SWIFT Rooms etc.)
  • Criminal Forensic Use-cases (e.g., Secure Transfer of Evidence)
    • Contact us for your use-case - able to be used as a lightweight diode

Offers for Collaboration

This technology can be deployed for cybersecurity needs. In addition, we are open for collaboration with any parties for use-cases as a component in your solution suite to ensure security for smart cities. We welcome collaboration with interested parties to fulfill our Transparent Security vision below:

Definition of Transparent Security

  • Transparent Security exploits new ways to preserve confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of information transmitted across user intrusive airgaps.
  • Airgaps serve to block external access and hence will prevent the exploitation of embedded device vulnerabilities to attack the infrastructure (e.g., as botnets) or compromise safety of the human users.
  • Security is not visible and remains seamless.
  • Operations are also not hindered, when new security is inserted.


Market Trends & Opportunities

Global Cybersecurity Hardware Market

As per Statista, the global market for industrial cybersecurity was $1 Billion USD in 2017 and $1.8 Billion USD in 2020.

Global AI and Cybersecurity Market

As per MarketsandMarkets, AI in Cybersecurity Market is worth $8.8B in 2019 and will grow to $38.2B USD in 2026 with a 23.3% CAGR.


Currently, there is a strong trend for digitialization in Asia Pacific for Smart Cities. In Singapore, there is increasing regulatory pressure on building Cybersecurity and innovation demand to shift building management system monitoring to the cloud. This has been confirmed with our successful deployment in one of Singapore's ministries and recent enquiries by other government entities.


With the adoption of our Transparent Security vision which utilizes the driverless data diode and its artificial intelligence extensions, customers will be able to:

  • Preserve confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of information through the transfer of the user instrusive airgaps.
  • Block external cyber attacks to prevent exploitation of embedded device vulnerabilities for critical infrastructure, thus providing safety to users.
  • Address post-quantum cybersecurity and zero-day exploit issues with the deployment of the driverless data diode and artificial intelligence extensions.
  • Solve issues that traditional data diodes with a lightweight design and cheaper cost.
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