Low Cost, High Value Smart Water Meter for Reduction of Water Consumption


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Water scarcity is a global problem. To try to address this and reduce water consumption, smart systems are already being rolled out globally. However, these smart systems are relatively high cost as they are often relying on re-purposed industrial systems delivering static usage data, delivering minimal value add to the end user.

The technology owner has developed a low-cost smart water meter based on ultrasonic sensor. Designed for domestic residential use, the smart water meter can be installed through its unique ‘clamp-on’ mechanism in a non-invasive manner. As such, large scale roll-out of systems using the meter is readily achievable. A smart phone app was also developed to allow users to identify their water consumption habits or potential leaks. It is attractive to both consumer and supplier by providing usage data which is designed to drive behavioural changes to reduce water consumption.

The technology owner is seeking licensing partners to manufacture and/or develop a version of the meter meeting local requirements, e.g. pipe size, pipe material, communication protocols – for domestic residential application.  


The smart water meter has the following features:

  • Utilises ultrasonic technology to detect and measure water flow when clamped onto domestic water system
  • Unique ‘clamp-on’ design that is able to fit both a 3/4″ as well as a 1″ copper pipe
  • Capable of learning a pattern of water usage within the residence across water outlets e.g. taps, showers, toilets and other domestic water dependent appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, etc
  • WiFi connected smart phone app for user to set and track progress toward weekly or monthly water consumption goals, and alert user when it identifies constant or erratic water use or potential leaks.


Designed to be user friendly and intuitive to enable the reduction in water usage through changing behaviours, it is recognised that water infrastructures vary greatly from region to region, country to country. It is therefore intended that the basic elements of the system can be adapted to meet any local variants, creating an opportunity to market these variants globally as they are developed. It can also be coupled with AI systems to develop even more high value feature rich behaviour change programmes using algorithms to interpret and present the data generated that promotes user compliance and provides suppliers with valuable data mining capability.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Water scarcity is a global issue. From ‘leading nations’ to ‘developing nations’, the basic technology can be deployed to have a positive effect. Applications are developed around user design principles with interfaces developed to enable user interaction thereby promoting user engagement, compliance and drive incremental behavioural changes.


The smart water meter has the following customer benefits:

  • Low-cost, high value
  • Self-install meter or system
  • User friendly, intuitive, easy to use
  • Promotes user engagement and compliance
  • Expandable functionality, modifiable to regional or national requirements
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