3D Reconstruction, Recognition, and Analysis via Mobile Phone


Infocomm - Video/Image Analysis & Computer Vision
Infocomm - Video/Image Processing


We develop end-to-end 3D solutions using 3 key technologies for reconstruction, recognition, and analysis. Our recognition technology is based on a patented 3D search engine. This 3D search engine makes use of a Deep Learning algorithm that enables a real volume and shape object identification. With this approach, we are capable of identifying objects independently of color. Moreover, we can recognize partially visible objects, making this engine unique in the 3D field. This technology is applicable in many fields including Building & Infrastructure (BIM FM), Supply Chain & Maintenance (Inventory Tracking, NDT Maintenance, and 3D Printing Object Validation), and Retail (identifying retail goods).
All we need is a smartphone and a regular video from it. By making humans more knowledgeable we equip the next generation with the tools they need to fix the world we live in.


Our technology gives users the possibilities to reconstruct, measure and recognize an object from a simple video users make with their smartphones. the core technology we use is called Photogrammetry. Where we innovate is, combining the latest smartphone camera capabilities with our custom developed 3D reconstruction software that runs intensive calculations in the cloud. 

Using our optimized and patented algorithm, we can generate highly precise 3D models. We are catering to the problem of time and cost of taking precise measurements, accuracy and retreiving original information. Solving these using something that is always already in your pocket - your smarttphone!


Our technology is applicable to various sectors such as:

  • Healthcare: body parts reconstruction to create fitted products (e.g. customized insole)
  • Retail: use of the technology to extract measurements for fitting
  • Maintenance: analysis of wear and tear to determine if replacement is needed. Also, parts identification from the catalogue and measurment in terms of shape, dimension and volume. 
  • Infrastructure: measurement of pothole size and depth to send the appropriate material to repair it

Our technology also has synergy with software providers in any of the following industries: Building & Construction; Consumer & Retail; Logistics or Manufacturing.


Manufacturing: we wish to add value with our scanning application, hence it would be ideal for companies with a catalogue finder/similar application. For companies that manage databases for their clients and provide updates on which part is available or not, our technology can add value with our 3D scan to create 3D database and analyze parts too. We can use our reconstruction technology to create a 3D model, recognition to identify and manage inventory, analyze features to identify deteriorations and deviations from the original model.

Retail: A mobile store that wants to give their users the ability to identify any of their product, scan & get the right fit anywhere and eventually increase sales. We can help with a "find my size/product" feature where any consumer can scan themselves or even any product that they like to find the right size/product information.

OEM: In-built 3D scan capability to consumers to engage in 3D pictures, retail and engaging fitness tracking capabilities.

Healthcare: In the orthopedic sector for quick 3D scans to save time in creating custom-fit prosthetics.

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