Custom-Made Formulations of Polyherbal Nutraceuticals in Various Delivery Formats


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Most currently available health supplements are general supplements that lack a functional impact. As a result, customers buy and consume multiple health supplements with no significant visible or biochemical outcomes.

A Singapore company has developed a database of clinically useful herbs and functional herbal blends designed for targeted health benefits, using specific ratios of herbs for effective outcomes. This database is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and Unani medicine. 

The company is seeking a collaboration with food (included functional food), nutraceutical and supplement companies. The partnership could be for R&D cooperation, licensing or OEM supply of ingredients. They are also actively looking for a partner to participate in the German and EUREKA innovation calls respectively.




The technology on offer is a functional proprietary database of clinically useful herbs based on clinical research and trials that is continually updated and expanded. The database currently has 166 Ayurveda herbs, 76 TCM herbs and 26 Unani herbs.  

This database was derived through work with herbalists, farmers and ground sources over a span of three years. The scientific processing and standardisation for each herb was developed based on international quality control guidelines, including heavy metals and microbiological profile testing.  

Using this database of clinically useful herbs and scientific references, the company has developed customisable, clinically tested, functional and holistic polyherbal nutraceuticals. The all-natural poly-herbal blend was designed using a specific ratio of herbs with a particular function, which has effective outcomes.  

These herbal and multi-micronutrient formulation blends target health conditions such as the following:

  • Brain enhancement supplements that combine 24 cognitive-enhancing ingredients to meet the human brain’s complex health requirements
  • Men wellness supplements that combine essential vitamins and minerals to improve health and sexual vigour
  • Female wellness health supplements that use a combination of TCM, Ayurveda and biochemistry to restore a woman’s sexual health
  • Weight management program that helps end-users to lose weight steadily and healthily 
  • Liver care supplements that combine potent antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin C with liver-protecting herbs to detoxify and protect the liver
  • Diabetes supplements that help patients manage Type 2 diabetes through a combination of 16 herbs, 8 vitamins, 5 minerals and 3 antioxidants 
  • Kidney wellness supplement with nephroprotective herbs that help keep the kidney in optimum health 
  • Vision support supplement protects against the ill effects of blue light and radiation
  • Immunity enhancer supplement that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential metals like zinc helps to regulate sleep, decrease anxiety and stress, and increase the metabolic rate which helps to boost immunity 
  • Fatigue and stress management supplement which reduces anxiety and stress, calms all senses and provides increased energy and endurance

All the products are  Halal certified, GMO- and chemical filler-free.


This technology offers the potential to target multiple markets including the following:

  • Health supplements companies
  • Government clinics 
  • Retail marketing chains looking for holistic and functional all-natural health supplements


The benefits of this database of clinically useful herbs and functional herbal blends include: 

  • Customised solutions for all-natural, holistic, functional health supplements (R&D & manufacturing)
  • Quality health supplements from accredited ISO and WHO standard manufacturing facility in Singapore, Malaysia and India
  • Range of products ready for commercialisation (white label products)
  • Good quality control (SGS lab testing report)
  • Halal certified (Jakim)
  • Supports regulatory requirements
  • Designed and conducted multi-centre clinical trails
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