Digital Twinning and Smart Detection for Food Development


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A Singapore/Netherlands technology enabler is offering its digital twinning and smart detection expertise with proven success in food development and development workflow optimisation. Benefits include faster, cheaper experiments, data-driven insights and reduced product development time with built-in continuous improvement.

With vast competencies in the areas of Mathware, multidisciplinary and multiple industry domain knowledge, as well as pure/applied research bridging experience, the company is looking to offer its technological expertise to MNCs or SMEs of all sizes. 


Digital twinning is the process of making a virtual replica of existing processes, products or services. The company's digital twinning technology combines model knowledge (e.g. detailed or systems level simulation) with data-driven optimisation. The combination of both simulation modelling and data modelling techniques is able to give more accurate results for prediction and optimisation.

Digital twinning can minimise experimentation in terms of reduction in time and costs of Design of Experiments (DOE). This is achieved through recognising and digitally training the following:

  • Target formulation product, process or service
  • Measured inputs parameters
  • Feedback parameters

The company's digital twinning process includes:

  • Building a forward model based on current state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Simultaneously simplifying the model based on mathematical and statistical techniques while adding treatment of uncertainty to the process
  • Fitting the model parameters to historic data to align predictive power to the real world
  • Analysing the physical output using product development lab equipment and sensors

The company is also adept at using Mathware as a technology translator, bridging expertise and product development knowledge into useful algorithms and efficient workflows. With deep multidisciplinary competencies, multiple industries project domain knowledge and pure/applied research bridging experience, the company's vast expertise in software, hardware and modelling integration delivers end-to-end solutions starting from early prototypes to production quality solutions.

The company's smart detection techniques include its scanning electron microscope (SEM)-Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution; a particle analysis software package which provides particle distribution and analysis for various food ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, milk, gums and butter to investigate indices such as mouthfeel, structure and integrity, flavour change, ingredient homogeneity and perception of taste.





Digital twinning can be applied across all industries, such as food product development, where a virtual replica of an existing process, product or service can be made to optimise development workflows, reduce experimentation time and costs and achieve more accurate products. 


Benefits of the technology include:

  • Development workflow optimisation
  • Faster and cheaper experimentation
  • Shorter product to market time
  • Data-driven results
  • Continuous improvement
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