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Tracheostomy involves opening the area beneath the larynx, inserting into the tiny opening a properly shaped device, usually bent at right angles, and securing it to the neck in some form (often with a lumbar spine). Because the air bypasses the constriction, it provides continuous breathing and oxygenation.

In the absence of appropriate environmental factors, only the most demanding medical device can provide the best treatment effect.

The efficiency of treatment can only be achieved by satisfying all medical needs. It is essential for clinicians to use a reliable, accurate and safe medical aspirator. Accurate medical aspirators provide controllable suction levels and improve safety requirements in hospital wards, surgical sites, pathology laboratories, dental wards, mortality and postmortem rooms. The device is used to remove infectious material from wounds or any fluid from the patient's airway or respiratory system. The device can be used during surgery in the operating room or near patients' beds. The impact of using a mobile device (battery operated device) on patients and their careers is invaluable. Allows safe transportation for examinations, treatments. A portable machine with the right parameters can mobilize the patient and his / her nurse and family. It provides an opportunity to break free between the four walls, to experience familiar and new places and experiences, and to maintain a healthy mental state.


4 in 1 function: nose, mouth, tracheal, breast milk suction, in its own sterilizable container or by connecting accessories (nasal aspirator, breast milk container).

The technology performs its multi-purpose tasks safely in a wider range of applications, according to practical aspects and all the needs of the user.

The easy mobility and reliability of the device and its high operating capacity in the workflow of patient care and treatment and during patient transport are essential.

All models in the model range are designed and built to perform their multi-purpose functions safely in terms of practicality and user requirements, in their most basic features, while distinguishing them from the products currently known on the market. In many ways, the models are seen as a new trend in the suction device market.

We intend to introduce the novel design, high technical parameters, which are not yet exploited in the market, in line with the application of several functions in a wider field of application. We are conquering an area of the market that is so untapped and very large.



Suction power above average (20 L / min) for complete safety and wider usability:  MULTI STRONG.


16 - 20 L / min suction power

40 L / min suction power models: double heavy and heavy as the Technology

Easy operation with vacuum regulator and meter.

Not all models are equipped.

Light weight (2.2 kg),

compact size(cm): 26 /13/23 for easy portability and use.

With battery: 4 - 6 - 8 kg.

Without battery: 2-4 kg., But not portable.

Size: x2, x3 larger than this technology

Operational safety - Safe prevention of liquid:

3-point protection system.

We also have a new solution for total security.

12V internal system with short-circuit protection.

Backflow protection: in the tank only.

+ water catch of the biofilter.

Mobility: high-capacity battery

short charging time

(cigarette lighter, powerbank connection, mains quick charger).

It also works from 220V, even during charging.

Most models are not battery operated.

Few use the Li ion battery.

Closed, compact, unique shape.

The tank in the machine housing, covered with a lid - does not tip over.

The tank is located outside the machine housing.

A slight tilt can cause the suction bottle to tip over.

Production: low, high salable price.

Low price profit.


This technology can be used and sold much more widely with the uniform applicability of several application functions, as a result of the development of its formal and technical parameters: treatment and care of acute and chronic patients, health situations, injury care, treatment of people traveling with treatment, mothers, nose and oral sucking, breast milking to feed children.

 Main application areas:

  • Health care institutions,
  • Public, foundation or private rehabilitation institutions.
  • Nursing and care institutions,
  • Social facilities,
  • Fire brigade, disaster protection, national defense.
  • Homecare: when treating patients, traveling, staying out of the house.

 Other areas:

  • hospitality, tourism,
  • entertainment facilities,
  • camps, campsites, beaches,
  • sports facilities,
  • railway stations, means of transport

The soaring growth of the market can be attributed to the increase in health situations from home health care and the growing demand for compact, portable devices, the increasing incidence of chronic diseases. Increased driving force is the growing demand for care points.

The user-friendly, compact, multi-functional design offers benefits such as a point of care and eliminates the need for trained professionals to operate these devices. These benefits increase the demand for portable devices.

By increasing the capacity of this suction devices, surgical devices can also be constructed with more advantageous properties.

Using this concept, suction devices for other purposes, with extended functions and more advantageous parameters, can be created.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Four of the world’s top ten deaths are from respiratory diseases, which account for 17% of all deaths. In summary, with a shrinking population, with a drastic increase in the proportion of people over sixty-five, there are hundreds of thousands of patients in need of long-term medication, care, and nursing.

CRDs are not curable, however, various forms of treatment that help dilate the main airways, allow free passage, and improve shortness of breath can help treat symptoms and improve the quality of life for those suffering from the disease. Often, the only solution is to implant a tracheostoma.

With the advent of the COVID 19 virus, the demand for global suction equipment has multiplied.


In addition to tracheal suction, the nose, mouth and breast milk are also suitable for suction, so there is no need to buy more machines.

Light weight and small size:

  • Provides a quick response during treatments.
  • Fits in an average bag, stroller, even carried on the shoulder and does not interfere with the free movement in spending time at home or away from home.

 High operating capacity:

  • When switched on, the immediate high compression safely supplies the emergency   removal of any dense or firmer medium from the tracheal, nasal, and oral openings.
  • In addition to the manually controlled pulsations (pump effect) when taking breast milk, the mechanical suction force by claiming all breast milk can be sucked out in any position, preventing inflammation in the breast.

 This technology saves time, money and space.

The cost of manufacturing the technology with premium parts is very low compared to similar devices on the market. The purchase price of competing products can be 50-60 times the production cost of this device (500-600% difference).



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