Augmented Reality (AR) Head Up Display to Enable Vehicular Operations Intelligence


Infocomm - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments


The technology offer is an Augmented Reality (AR) through Head-Up Display (HUD) for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), in which a transparent display that presents data on the windscreen without requiring the user to look away from his or her usual working viewpoint. Therefore, this will allow the machine driver to stay focused on his work whilst at the same time read the important messages such as measurements, instructions, work-orders and warnings. The technology can be applied in construction machines, forklifts, harbour cranes, forest machines and agricultural machines. The technology is field-proven, and the company is looking to initiate first production targeting one or a few OHV markets. For their value proposition, the company's HUD visualization hardware system compromises optics, electronics and mechanics protected by intellectual properties (IPs) which can be licensed.


The AR HUD system comprises a projector unit, a combiner (film type) and a virtual image. The system can provide superior features in terms of Field of View (FoV), eyebox size, weight, size, cost and similar key-parameters. Furthermore, the system can be integrated with the existing rear and front cameras in vehicles and existing cellular communication systems, such as 4G and 5G.  

The system includes proprietary Injection Molded Fresnel Optics which enable large FoV for true Augmented Reality.

The system was designed with an advanced HUD system, pioneering in optics, electronics, and integration, providing sharp images and high accuracy in measurements.


As the technology allows vehicular operators to extend virtually to next level operation intelligence activities, its potential application use-cases can be varied. The system can be used in precision farming, forestry and construction (forklifts, harbour cranes, etc.) by displaying the measurements and messages on the windscreen. The company’s technology has been recognized with a number of prices and Letter of Intent (LOIs) from leading organizations within agriculture, forestry and similar markets.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The company's technology can be applied for the following collaboration opportunities:

  • New machine installation: These will be customized systems installed directly at the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) machine production line.
  • Retrofit systems: These will be systems shipped typically in a large hard-case, and installable in Vehicles In Operation (VIOs).

The company is also looking for partners in funding, co-production, marketing and sales and AR content partners for co-creation of software interfaces.

The company is open to technology licensing opportunities.


The company has conducted studies and market research illustrating the benefits of their technology in:

  • improving productivity
  • ergonomics
  • machine utilization
  • machine up-time
  • new operator introduction
  • environmental benefits due to better machine utilization
  • better driving patterns
  • less accidents


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