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Fermentation is an old method used mainly for food preservation. However, when the technology is well known and controlled, it can be a great asset for:

1. Taste: improving the taste of foods and drinks or providing exotic flavors (umami)

2. Texture: Improving the structure of foods and drinks by making them smoother, more tender or creamier, or in gluten-free baked products, making them crispier, chewier or with improved raising doughs.

3. Nutrition value: improving the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals or other health promoting compounds.

4. Health: when foods and drinks are fermented with probiotic bacteria, they can improve gut healthy and consumers lifestyle

Any food company interested in having a premium quality in their product portfolio, should partner with us to developed better foods.

We own the bacteria used for improving foods and drinks as well as the knowledge of how to use them in product development.


The technology is based on more than 20 years of experience of isolating, studying and using microbes for the development of fermented plant-based ingredients which improve the taste, texture, nutrition value or healthiness of the food products using them.

Our fermentation technology uses:

- All kind of lactic acid bacteria

- All kind of yeasts

- All kind of moulds


Our fermentation technology can be used for any plant-based ingredient. These fermented ingredients can then be used:

1. Probiotic flavored waters, juices, smoothies, yogurts, cheeses, porridges (for gut health, better digestibility and nutritional value)

2. Fermented cold coffees and teas (for gut health and nutritional value)

3. Fermented green bean coffee for roasting (exotic taste and lower acrylamide)

4. Fermented grains, pulses and all kind of flours (better digestibility, texture and nutritional value)

5. Koji and miso from alternative sources (umami taste)


Market Trends & Opportunities

Global market size from the most relevant markets where fermentation technology can be used:

Fermented                889 B USD (2023)  - CAGR 5%

Healthy                     812 B USD (2021) - CAGR 6%

Natural (Clean)         192 B USD (2023) - CAGR 13.7%

Probiotics                   69 B USD (2023) - CAGR 7.0%

Digestive health          58 B USD (2025) – CAGR 7.3%

Healthy snacks           33 B USD (2025) - CAGR 5.1%

Plant-based                 6.5 B USD (2028) - CAGR 7.1%

Gluten-free                 4.9 B USD (2021) - CAGR 7.7%


Food industry is looking for alternatives ways to have premium attributes that will make them stand out from the rest of competitors. Fermentation is starting to be very well known by the final consumer for improving their gut health and general wellbeing. Because of these, fermentation technology offers what food industry is looking for and we can help them use this technology and create premium food products for them.

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