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Personal Care - Cosmetics & Hair
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We have developed a range of customizable cosmetic formulations that are non-greasy and non-tacky and can be readily adapted to suit the specific needs of an identified target market; such as for the Asian consumers.  The developed base fomulation also enable flexibility for actives to be incorporated to deliver specific claims for a personal care and/or cosmetic product.  Its non-greasy and non-tacky formulations are important for Asian countries where humidity levels can be high and affect consumer acceptance of a cosmetic product.

Industry will now have a platform they can have access to, enabling translation of ideas into commercial products at a much faster pace; whereas in the past, such research has to start from scratch or the companies need to purchase off the shelf formulations sold by ingredient providers.  With these ready-made formulations customised to the local market needs, companies can now have access to a formulation they own and allow for smaller tweaks for further personalisation efforts. Customisation to Asian context to ensure success rate is important. One of the key customisation for the formulations developed in this effort includes improved sensory evaluation of cosmetics.



The formulations developed are

  • non-greasy; and
  • non-tacky; and
  • customisable

With the trend, especially for the affluent demographics (Millennials, Gen-Z, Gender Neutral, etc) towards consumer preference for product differentiation, this presents an appealing choice to the Asian consumer market with possibility of personalising to specific product configuration and meeting the needs of the different demographics.  For example: green, fragrances, etc. 

In addition, the specific sensorial experience can also be customised and suited to more humid conditions in Asia.


This technology can be employed in the personal care, healthcare and cosmetic sector. Products that can be marketed include  personal care and skin care range; such as shampoos, body wash, moisturisers, lotions, cleanser, sunscreen, fragrances, etc.



Market Trends & Opportunities

Singapore is building a world-class consumer businesses industry. With 3.2 billion people in the middle class segment in Asia by 2030 and global spending of the middle-class amounting to US 55 trillion, Asian consumers increasingly demand more sophisticated products and services as the growing middle class becomes more affluent. 4 out of the world’s top 5 skincare giants and 5 of the top flavours and fragrance companies have manufacturing and R&D operations in Singapore.

Unique Value Proposition

The potential licensee will benefit from shorter market to entry time. They do not need to invest heavily in formulation development. The effort will also help the company commercialise easily. Companies especially local SMEs that may not have funding for infrastructure to conduct product developmental works can now license these formulations as their own. These formulations are also easily tweaked for personalisation to companies requirements for uniqueness and claims.

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