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We are an AI-based intelligent video analytics provider, our platform extracts detailed information from the existing CCTV based infrastructure and provides rich insights that are capable of transforming images and videos into meaningful granular data that can be leveraged for automated surveillance solutions, in-depth analysis, and business intelligence reporting:

  1. People analytics: including deep face recognition (with mask and without mask), clothing attributes, social distance violations, activities including violence, crowding, etc.
  2. Traffic analytics: including vehicle make/model, speeding, automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), various driving and parking violations.
  3. Workplace safety analytics: including personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance, hazards, abandoned objects, intrusions.
  4. Retail analytics: including shopper behavioral, product interaction analytics, shopper experience, and shoplifting vulnerability.


Our technology comprises AI-powered intelligent video analytics software and catered as video analytics as a service (VaaS) to target verticals.

Our analytics consists of:

  • Facial recognition
  • People counting
  • Intrusion detection
  • Demography detection
  • License plate recognition
  • Illegal car parking
  • Dwell time

with in-house capabilities to customise for other complimentary AI-powered analytics.


  1. Smart Cities: 30+ types of AI-powered analytics. These are key analytics modules, that can cater to smart cities use-cases, in terms of safety and surveillance.
  2. Smart Buiding Management: To provide 24/7 surveillance with less reliance on manpower.
  3. Smart Retail: Enterprise clients, Telco companies, supermarket, retail outlets can be targeted. Our technology can provide detailed insights of consumer behavior in the store.
  4. Smart Manufacturing: To detect PPE for safety gears such as gloves, vest, helmet in the factories, manufacturing plants for the safety of workers.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The main focus area of computer vision analytics has been around facial recognition and people identification.

Several technology owners in this space have been actively working to obtain deeper analytical insights from the CCTV video feed so as to enhance the capabilities of surveillance activities.

The video surveillance market was valued at USD 30.37 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 75.64 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.4% between 2017 and 2022.


The need to protect the physical security of important facilities and infrastructure is more critical than ever before. Conventional surveillance solutions depend on round-the-clock monitoring of the camera feeds by trained professionals. Given the scarcity of trained manpower, this method can be exhaustive and expensive.

For Governments and businesses to truly benefit from the exponential investment in CCTV Cameras for security and surveillance, the only option is to harness the emerging innovations in technology.

Our solution catering to 4 major target verticals:

  • Smart cities
  • Smart building management
  • Smart retail
  • Smart manufacturing

Our technology can be deployed on existing CCTV infrastructure, which requires no investment on new cameras. The technology is able to perform within complex environment with higher accuracy compared to others in market.

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