Integrated Video Analytics Platform


Infocomm - Video/Image Analysis & Computer Vision
Infocomm - Artificial Intelligence


Our technology can be configured for different industries use-cases within sectors ranging from government, education institutes, smart cities, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and parking lots. Our technology can be customised for needs in security industry.

Our technology is a video management system that contains an advanced video analytics platform that has capabilities related to computer vision and machine learning. Our technology can function as a solution for video surveillance.

Analytical output of our technology comes from our proprietary AI that is intended to eliminate and minimise the number of false alarms in the system. The technology works across existing CCTV systems and there is no need for users to change any of the hardware (IP camera and RTSP Based connections). The technology does not require any on-premise analytics hardware and is able to support a setup of at least 1 camera or more, on single premises or multiple locations.


Key analytics features available on our platform
People Analytics

  • People Counting: Automatically get the number of visitors/customers. 
  • Gender & Age Detection: Identify gender and approximate age of your visitors/customers. This feature could be helpful for product promotions.
  • Facial Recognition: Detect persons of interest when they enter/leave. Useful for employee attendance, identify known offenders, contact-less attendance.
  • Crowd Formation: Detect crowd sizes and receive notifications when it crosses the pre-defined threshold set for people in a crowd. 
  • Object Watch: Keep an eye on valuable items and immediately get notified with a video clip if they go missing.
  • Object Left Behind: Get notified of unattended objects that are left behind which may cause security threats.
  • Zone Intrusion: Track when people enter restricted areas.
  • Minimum Staffing: Get alerted if defined number of staff are not present at the service areas for more than specified duration.

Vehicle Analytics

  • Vehicle Count: Count number of vehicles entering/exiting the premises including vehicle classification such as bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck etc.
  • Wrong Way: Detect violators in one way traffic zones.
  • Licence Plate Detection: Detect and search for the licence plate of vehicles passed through entry/exit gates of premises.

Pandemic Analytics

  • COVID 19 – Occupancy Monitor: Monitor occupancy on a floor or building and provide warning when it is not safe to enter.
  • COVID 19 – Mask Detection: Detect persons not wearing mask.
  • COVID 19 – Social Distancing: Detect social distancing violations of set threshold distance.


Potential application use-cases could be in environments or domains such as:

1. Security agencies, retail shops, malls

2. Warehouse, logistics, manufacturing

3. Commercial and residential

4. Survillance & Security systems tied to CCTV, access control can be marketed based on this technolgy

Market Trends & Opportunities

Our technology is able to produce AI output of high accuracy and cut cost on the manpower deployment.

The technology is intended to allow for easy monitoring, enhancing security measures, facilitating faster response.


Some of the key customer benefits are: 

  • Camera Agnostic: Works with any IP camera. Our platform offers complete freedom and flexibility to choose any manufacturer and any model of an IP camera.
  • Extract More from Existing CCTV setup: Even analog cameras can be added to our platform VMS system through rtsp stream. This gives all those analog cameras also the same features and functionalities included in the platform – including ability to define and run video analytics on those cameras. 
  • Centralized Control: All user-access policies can be centrally managed providing complete control of who can see what in the system. System even allows to set expiry dates for the user permissions! 
  • Simplified Yet Secure Access: Our platform can be accessed directly from a browser on any device – be it laptop or desktop running any Operating system such as Windows, Linux etc or mobile devices running Android or iOS etc. All system access is through https thus providing complete security. As an additional layer of security, users have the option of enabling two factor authentication for their logins so that only upon entering the OTP received on their mobiles, they will be granted access to the platform.
  • Camera Geo-Location: Get a map view of all your locations and devices at each location. Easily see the status and navigate to the location you want to watch through the map.

Our technology is available for technology partnership, co-development and commercialization opportunities.

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