Lower Calories and Healthier Plant-based Fat Replacer for Juicier Food Product


Foods - Ingredients


Our product is an emulsion of healthy vegetable oil and water, stabilized with vegan ingredients (plant, algae, and/or microbial ingredients) in a semi-solid state which is used as a replacement for the non-healthy and non-sustainable fatty components of food.  

  • Meat-Based: Replacement of 10-20% saturated animal fat to produce healthier blends. 
  • Plant-Based: Total upstanding replacement of highly saturated and non-sustainable coconut oil, shea butter and palm oil. 
  • Alternative-Dairy: Producing healthier cheeses, yoghurts and ice-creams under the same concept as Plant-Based 


The product gives the appearance of semi-solid fat.

Different range in hardness for different applications: from a total integration with the matrix to a clear appearance of visible fat particles. 

  • Melting point: +100°C. Supporting pasteurization and cooking procedures. 
  • Storage: Refrigerated (4-8 ºC).
  • Frozen format under development. 

Integration inclusion in different matrixes (meat or plant-based products) by gentle mixing, recommended temperature during grinding and mixing 4-10°C. For harder textures or any special need including tailored vegan aromas and clean label products, additional customized formulations for each process and product are also available


  • Meat Based Products: burgers, cooked and cured sausages, minced meat, meatballs, nuggets and other meat products.  
  • Plant-Based Products: nuggets, cooked (Mortadella) and cured sausages (Pepperoni, Salami), burgers, meatballs, minced meat, steaks, marinades, schnitzel, fish fingers. 
  • Alternative-Dairy Products: cheeses, yoghourts and ice-creams, chocolate spreads 
  • Alternative protein-based products: Fungi, insects, cultured meat-based products. 

Market Trends & Opportunities

  • Healthy aging
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly nutrition
  • Vegan
  • Alternative ingredients
  • Saturated Fats free nutrition
  • Green technologies

Our Fat Platform matches Global Market Trends in both sustainability and carbon fingerprint. 



 A FAT production platform to create a fat replacer for healthier meat, plant-based and non-dairy products with plenty of flavor and juiciness while following market trends on alternative sources of more sustainable and healthier ingredients.

  • When replacing animal fat or saturated vegetable oils with our vegan fat, the calorie content by weight, decreases more than 40% compared to regular fat/oil at the time there´s a very significant lowering in total Fats and unhealthy saturated fats are practically removed.
  • Increases juiciness, palatability and mouthfeel maintaining the texture of the product, without loss of water or oil during preparation, cooking and consumption.
  • Other ingredients (bioactive compounds as omega-3 o vitamin B12) or aromas can be incorporated in the aqueous/oil phase of our Vegan Fat, simplifying the industrial application process very much.

The product is prepared with sunflower oil but other oils are available under request.

The platform includes different alternatives in B2B agreements: from direct sales to transfer technology deals, supporting each step of the new product development to improve the market share of our clients

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