Nano Lipid Carriers for Hair Repair and Protection against Pollution, Sunlight, and Heat


Personal Care - Cosmetics & Hair


Most hair damages occur on a daily basis, such as inevitable exposure to the sun and heat-hairstyling procedures. In addition, chemical treatments such as perms and coloring also lead to more hair damage on the quest to look good. All these could damage the hair, cause split-ends and even hair breakage.

Although there are a variety of hair protective products (including oils, silicone, chemical UV filters, and antioxidant) available, all are known to have limitations. For example, the silicones are difficult to remove and exhibit poor biocompatibility which may cause irritation on head skin, and antioxidants are susceptible to photochemical and thermal degradation affecting their shelf-life. Moreover, most leave-on hair protective products are based on solutions, gels, and emulsions that have poor adhesion to the hair and instable active ingredient. Improving the adhesion and biocompatibility of hair protective product is a challenging task.

Our nano-lipid carriers are a novel alternative hair protective solution that addresses these issues, improves and protects against hair damage from pollution, sunlight, and heat.


The nano carriers are made from physiological lipids and are safe and biocompatible. The carriers also facilitate the formation of a layer of protective film covering the hair surface which enhances UV-blocking and prevents direct hair from coming into direct contact with heats. This makes them a novel alternative hair protective technology against hair damage and discoloration from UV and heat exposure.

In addition, the nano carriers also act to pull split-ends together when forming a film layer, resulting in smooth, non-frizzy hair. Thus, the carriers can be used in to formulate hair repairing, hair protective, and hair color protection products. 


The nano-based carriers can be used in cosmetic hair care products such as for

  • Hair color protection
  • Heat protection
  • UV protection
  • Hair repair (split-end)

The nano-based carriers can be formulated into different forms of products including

  • Solutions
  • Lotions
  • Serums
  • Creams

Can also be formulated for leave-on (e.g., hair mask, conditioner) or rinse-off.   


  • Nano-based carriers are made from physiological lipids which are biocompatible and considered safe
  • They have excellent hair repairing ability (damage and split-ends), leaving hair with a shiny lustrous look
  • They have superior hair protection efficiency against heat and sunlight - consumers can style hair with heat daily and head out into the sun without worries
  • They have superior hair color protection efficiency - hair colour last longer and less frequent touch up required
  • Active ingredient such as antioxidant can be encapsulated within nanoparticles which increased its shelf life and provide added benefits
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